7 Free Marketing Strategies

A good marketing strategy minimizes the use of resources to achieve maximum benefits. For a small business with a tight budget, there are different approaches to communicate with potential customers and achieve maximum results at low cost. Whether it is targeting the general audience or a specific one, the choice of strategy will be influenced by the availability of funds – which is sometimes limited. Therefore, having the option of free strategies is an advantage that can help boost your business while keeping your cost at a minimal level. Here are 7 free marketing strategies that can help grow your business.

Strategy #1: Join a Free Networking Forum

When you join a networking forum, your focus will be to form new relationships or strengthen existing ones. This will provide great opportunities to connect with people in your field, where you can share ideas, and discuss subjects of interest. Use this forum to share information about your business, and convert your contacts into potential customers. Through these forums you can also increase your knowledge, which in turn will help transform your business, leading to better quality products or services, and increased sales. Networking forums are free, only requiring your time and effort.

Strategy #2: Email Marketing

Take advantage of networking opportunities to obtain contact information from your potential customers. With their permission, take the time to send out useful information. This can include things such as notifications on new products, events, and newsletters to keep them updated about your developments. However, do this periodically (i.e. don’t spam your email subscribers) to avoid being intrusive. Meanwhile continue to grow your email list to expand your customer base.

Strategy #3: Begin blogging

Blogging is an effective way of reaching out to your target audience, and building lasting relationships with them. By interacting with like-minded people on your blog, you build a community which is a resource for potential customers. Over time, you can share information about your business and encourage them to buy your products or services. This is a long-term strategy that requires dedication and consistency to see results. Guest blogging is also an option that gives you access to another blog’s audience. When you contribute quality blogs you attract the attention of their audience, you may be asked to contribute more. Eventually you will build trust with them and benefit from referral traffic.

Strategy #4: Be active on Social media networks

Use networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or professional networking sites to promote your business. This is a very effective method of marketing because it provides access to a large and diversified potential market, where you can attract attention, or traffic to your website. Create promotional content and post them on your social networks, and encourage people to share with their contacts. Engage your readers by responding to their feedback which will result in building relationships with your customers. Focus on the network where your customers are most active for maximum effect.

Strategy #5: Word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is personal communication to a potential customer about your service or product. It can either be oral, or a written referral by a pleased customer. As the business owner, begin to see every person you meet as a potential customer and during conversation, use the opportunity to tell people about your business. Ensure that you provide good quality products or services, because a happy customer will always tell others about your business.

Strategy #6: Get links to other websites

Take advantage of the relationship you have built with service providers and ask them to link you to their website. This way they become a source for potential customers at no cost at all. The more visible you are on other websites. the higher the chances that they will contact you.

Strategy #7: Provide useful information to your customers

One good way of retaining existing customers is providing useful tips that will help them maximize the benefits of the products or services you are selling. For instance, a company selling hair products can provide tips on choosing the best products for different hair types. Your customers will be grateful for the useful information and it will keep them coming back.

In conclusion, marketing need not be costly. With good time investment you can take advantage of the 7 free marketing strategies listed here to boost your business. These strategies involve connecting with people, sharing information, and (over time) convincing them buy your products or services with no direct cost incurred. They do not guarantee instant results, but with your effort, dedication and patience you will reap the benefits in the long run.


7 Quick Marketing Tips For Authors & Bloggers


Think your marketing could use some revamping? Or that there is something you’re missing in your marketing strategy? Check out these quick tips to get you started on the right path!

#1: Send A Weekly Email

If you don’t already have a weekly email you send out, you should start crafting one now. A weekly email keeps your fans up to date with what you’re doing, what’s going on with your blog, and can feature pieces you’ve written for additional exposure. The awesome thing about this is that emails tend to be more personal than other forms of marketing. It keeps you at the front of your follower’s minds, creates a stronger relationship between you and your audience, and also offers a steady form of interaction.

#2: Offer Free Books & Ask For Reviews

As an independent author, it can be hard to get people to read your books. They aren’t sure what they’ll be getting, so they’re much more hesitant than if it were a well-known author. You can remedy this by offering out a few copies of your book for free. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but giving them away on your social media or blog once every month or every other month is sufficient. Ask those that receive free copies to leave reviews on major sites once they’re done reading. The more reviews an indie book has, the more likely it is that people (unaware of who you are) will purchase it.

#3: Use Giveaways

Run flash or Rafflecopter giveaways that reward people for sharing you, your works, and the giveaway itself forward. This helps in two ways. First, it shows people that you care, because you’re willing to reward them for helping you. Second, it brings in new people who may not have previously been aware of you and your works. This helps to broaden your primary audience, which could result in additional book sales, likes, follows, and fans.

#4: Content Marketing, Part One

Content marketing is one of the primary forms used to bring people to your blog. These people are then introduced to your work, which may or may not result in them becoming a new fan of it. You have to do your content marketing in the correct way for it to pay off, however. Ensure your message and tone are fairly consistent, although there is a lot more leeway on this than if you were a company instead of an individual. It’s also a good idea to break your content up into easy digestible bites of information. Each paragraph should, ideally, be no longer than five sentences. Making use of images is also a good practice, as content with images has been proven to be read in it’s entirety much more often.

#5: Content Marketing, Part Two

Speaking of content marketing, you should remember to write with your audience in mind. What do they want to hear? What will they relate to? Ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors in your content as well, as too many of these mistakes can seem highly unprofessional.

#6: Use Business Cards

Carry a few business cards with you at all times, and hand them out when the opportunity arises. If you don’t already have business cards made, you can create 250 for free at Vista Print. Business cards can help to begin a word of mouth campaign, which is truly invaluable. Think about it like this: are you more likely to try something a friend or stranger told you about?

#7: Keep Social Media Active

If you want social media marketing to pay off, it is absolutely vital that you keep all of your accounts active. It’s better to have less active accounts than a whole bunch of accounts that you never post on. If you don’t keep social media accounts active,  you’ll fade from your follower’s minds. This makes inactive accounts literally worthless. Active accounts, on the other hand, keeps you at the front of follower’s minds.

Making use of these seven incredibly simple marketing tips can help you give your efforts that little extra boost. If you’d like to read more about marketing for authors and bloggers, be sure to check out our post, 6 Simple Things You Must Do On Social Media.

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