How To Read A Book Every Week This Year

Over the years I have collected books upon books from an endless list suggested by friends, family members, other authors, etc. Every attempt to read them did not yield results, because of the list of excuses I would come up with. It was either I didn’t have time or I couldn’t read fast enough.

For every goal you want to achieve, you will need a system to help you. The same goes for reading a book every week. I will share my approach to guide you on developing a technique that will help you read more within a shorter time. Feel free to adjust the system where necessary.

Select 3 areas of interest

Choose one topic to focus on, such as health, and expand your knowledge by reading quality books on that subject. Alternatively, you can choose one genre of fiction books to start with, and expand your base from there. Perhaps you choose romance novels. You could include many subgenres, like historical, contemporary, young adult, suspenseful, fantasy, etc.

Prepare a list of books

Use different sources to come up with an assorted list of books. Use the internet or suggestions from people and other sources. Try getting a list of over 50 books.

Classify your books

Classify them according to their topics and use this to guide your reading.

  • You can select a specific topic each month and read 4 books on that topic;
  • You can read 4 books, each on a different topic every month;
  • Allow yourself to diversify and read a book that is not related to the topics you chose.

Organize your books in order of preference

Choose topics that will have a direct impact in your life for maximum benefit. While selecting, consider the length of each book and how long it would take to read without feeling the pressure to finish in a week.

Make room for incomplete tasks

If you happen to lose interest in a book, do not force yourself to finish reading it. Save time by setting it aside for a later date and take another book.

Tips for a better reading experience

  • Learn the art of reading quicker, to save you considerable time when you have to read volumes of books.
  • Assess your reading speed using an online program.
  • Do the test repeatedly until you see progress.
  • It is highly suggested to choose books in audio format because they speed up your reading skills. However, for books that require visual support such as bodybuilding, books are preferable.
  • Visit Audible or
  • Kindle has made reading easy by making it convenient to access books and store them. Though we like the feel of physical books, having a tablet that can store all your books makes a difference.
  • Do not be discouraged if you fail to read a book as scheduled, instead carry on. The main aim of this project is not just to accomplish reading 52 books in a year, but to develop the discipline and skills that can help you manage your time and read more books than usual.
  • Set aside a special place for reading. If you are having trouble focusing, a special place will help you avoid the distractions and read better.
  • Reading aloud has the effect of increasing concentration and your memory of what you are reading.
  • Ensure your reading environment is well lit. Your lighting should neither be too much or too little to avoid straining your eyes.

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