6 Mental Benefits of Regularly Writing

Most people visualize a writer as a peculiar individual, a loner who seeks refuge in a lodge, bent over a desk consumed by his obsession to write the next great novel. However this does not give a complete picture of what it means to be a writer. There’s much more to writing.

We’ve all had an opportunity to put our thoughts on paper and this qualifies us as writers. Writing styles may differ but in most cases it’s a valuable tool for expressing thought and creativity. Some of the benefits of writing regularly are outlined below:

Writing as a Form of Therapy

Writing is an effective tool used to communicate ideas, feelings and experiences. In some situations where we find it difficult to express complex ideas verbally, regular writing releases that burden by helping us to communicate effectively. Research has found that therapeutic value is an undoubted benefit of writing, shown by an improved state of mind and reduced stress levels by those who put their thoughts and feelings on paper regularly. Increased health and happiness leads to higher productivity by an individual.

Writing as a Means of Coping in Difficult Times

According to research those who engage in expressive writing during difficult times, such as loss of jobs, are able to release their negative emotions in a healthy way, refrain from engaging in self destructive behavior, and find their way back to normalcy. In the beginning writing can be depressing for a victim of trauma while negative emotions are being released, but overtime – with consistent writing – emotional healing takes place, and the burden is reduced. For some, regular writing is sufficient to help them work through pain, without even having to talk about it with anyone.

Writing for Motivation

According to authors of one study, pondering over the areas in our lives that are going well and writing them down, gives us an optimistic view towards current situations and their possible outcome. It has more impact if done regularly, at least once a week.

Writing Helps to Organize and Develop your Ideas

When we have several ideas going through our minds it becomes mentally taxing, and causes commotion in our thought patterns. Writing down those ideas not only frees your mind but also gives shape and order to your ideas for future build up. Once you have an outline of ideas, you will be motivated to develop them further to conclusion.

Writing Promotes Learning

To enhance creativity and the quality of your writing, you must be open to learning and discovering new sources of information – by reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos, for example. These can either serve as good sources of new ideas, or help you discover unique angles on your choice of topics. When you commit to writing regularly on a particular topic for some time, and applying the new ideas you have learned, you are able to develop older ideas further, and expand to a larger volume of work.

Writing as an Opportunity to Lead

The growing trend of self publishing in the world has opened up opportunities for people to have certain levels of impact on others through their writing. When you write regularly there’s a degree of influence your work will have on others, and they will respond either through positive feedback or criticism. The positive feedback leads to appreciation of your readers and encourages you to write more. Use the negative feedback to improve yourself; otherwise don’t let it get to you if it is unwarranted.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. P. C. Zick
    Mar 20, 2017 @ 07:22:20

    And I use writing as a form of escape when life becomes too painful to address in the moment. Usually, after I emerge from the lives of my fictional characters, I’m ready to cope with the challenges of my very real life. Thanks for posting – all of your reasons are so true!


    • Dixie's Ranter
      Mar 20, 2017 @ 09:23:05

      It’s my pleasure. And thank you for sharing! I’ve used writing to help me deal with many issues in my life. When my mother passed away, I went on a couple month writing binge. I wrote so much it was almost insane! Then I emerged from my writing stupor reading to face reality once more. I think that writing is one of the most healthy coping strategies, which is one of the reasons I try to instill a love of it in my daughter. It’s much healthier than alternatives some turn to, and with creative types being prone to mental issues, it becomes that much more important!


      • P. C. Zick
        Mar 20, 2017 @ 10:06:54

        I so agree. And I create characters who sometimes have to face situations I’ve also faced. When I’m asked if a character is bested on my life, I always respond that I create characters that I want to be! I’ve dealt with the death of both my parents through my writing along with a divorce and other tragedies. But I’ve also celebrated the highs, too. I’m happy to see you involving your daughter. I like to think I instilled a love of reading in my daughter, now 35, but she is an artist and always has been. It was her who encouraged me to write and to listen to my interior creative voice. Your daughter will inspire you as well!


        • Dixie's Ranter
          Mar 21, 2017 @ 09:21:05

          I also put a piece of myself into my characters, and give them (realistically) happy endings to prove to myself that good can come of it. I’ve dealt with many things this way – and some things are those I would rather not talk about straight on, if you know what I mean. But yes, the highs are in my writing also. My daughter is my greatest current inspiration. She looks at the world in such a beautiful, unique way. She is very artsy, as well. Always crafting, or writing, or putting on a play. When she and her best friend get together, I like to listen to their make believe games – and have sometimes come up with writing ideas that way! But my mother was my original inspiration. She lived an incredible (and incredibly sad) life, and used poetry to escape her world. To me, her poetry was some of the deepest, darkest poetry – some of those rare poems that reach out and grab ahold of your soul. She first encouraged me to write, and told me to publish – no matter how long or hard the road. Funny how some things are the same for many people, irregardeless of age, location, life differences. That’s one of the things I so love about writing (and reading). It knows no boundaries! (The inner hippie in me gets a thrill out of that.) Thank you so much for sharing with me 🙂


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