Is Facebook Still A Viable Marketing Option For Authors?

The introduction of a new algorithm that took an aim at the third party apps that post for users sent a shiver down the spines of many marketers, as well as authors. Many authors claimed these changes made Facebook irrelevant in their marketing efforts. But we have to ask ourselves, what still makes Facebook a worthwhile marketing option for authors?

Grow your email list

The provision to use lead gen ads to target other writing sites, bloggers, writing magazines, and other authors makes Facebook worthwhile. You are able to only target the appropriate audience with your ads, which is amazing.

Sell books directly

The “clicks to website” ad entrenched by Facebook is an awesome avenue for you to sell your books. You can link the “clicks to a website” ad to your own website, blog or sales page. You can also invite your email subscribers to be part of your Facebook fan base by sharing with them awesome content that would prompt their participation.

To achieve this you simply:

Upload email list into Facebook, and create an audience from that list through engagement, which you can target with your ads.

You can create a list similar to your email list for your Facebook page which you can then advertise to

Do general advertisement to a market segment.

Promote likes on your author page

Take advantage of the Audience Insights, a reporting function that allows you to interact with your audience based on their collective profiles. There are high chances that people who like your posts may end up signing to your email list on your blog or website. You can also easily capture your fan base and simply target them during advertising.

Tips on How You Can Best Utilize Facebook

  • Post high quality content
  • Include pictures and videos
  • Share your content with relevant audience
  • Consider using trending brand hash tags
  • Make use of Promoted Stories Feature
  • Host Flash Giveaways to Prompt Interaction & Sharing
  • Be Personable Yet Professional

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