5 Steps For A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is widely recognized as an effective tool that helps to drive the success of business. This comes as a result of the numerous benefits obtained which include: increased domain influence, higher search engine rankings, and generation of traffic which increases sales potential. In addition, the cost effectiveness of content marketing qualifies it for increased budget allocation, as great results are obtained with minimum costs.

To be effective the content must be relevant and useful to the reader. This requires proper planning and implementation on the part of the company. Below is an outline of 5 steps for successful content marketing strategy.

Step #1: Comprehensive Research

To properly assert influence on your customers, you should cover topics that address their needs, and provide answers to their questions. Focusing on your customers’ needs builds in them an invaluable trust in you or your company.

Review what your competition and experts have said regarding the topic. Then identify the gaps and contribute information that will fill in those gaps to make it useful and unique.

Step #2: An Attractive Headline

Grab the attention of customers with a great headline that will convince them to read more of your copy, and thus translate readers into customers. Consider the four U’s approach to test the ability of your headline to attract readers. Your headline must be useful, provoke a sense of urgency, be unique, and ultra-specific.

Readers will read more when they know: (a) how they will benefit or , (b) when their curiosity has been piqued. It is more advantageous to have a headline that is SEO friendly, by having fewer than 70 characters in your headline.

Step #3: Call To Action (CTA)

Practical calls to action are effective in convincing your readers to take the next step in your campaign. They include: free product trials, price discounts, entertaining videos, free consultations, and webinars. They communicate to your customers a sense of value and eliminate any doubts they may have concerning the product, thereafter converting them into regular customers. Use statistics to show customers how others have benefited from the service or product.

Step #4: Visual Content

Visual content has the power to convince potential customers to take action because it engages the mind, is unforgettable, and easy to process. Content can be presented in different visual formats since different people prefer different visual forms. This way you will reach out to more customers, increasing the life of the content.

Below are different types of visual content that are reliable to use:

  • Slides: Information on the product is broken down into easily understandable slides that include a call to action.

  • Infographics are effective because they present information clearly. To enhance effectiveness, limit the data and focus on a single topic.

  • High quality video content is the winning formula in driving the agenda of the company. Videos are most effective in engaging and interacting with the viewer and most likely to convince customers to take action.

Step #5: Guest Blogging

A highly successful content marketing strategy used to create brand awareness, influence the market, and increase visibility on search engines. The main benefits are:

  • They draw the attention of customers seeking similar products.

  • Merging guest posting and on-site strategy will lead to increased SEO, more traffic, and great conversions within a short period of time.

  • Guest posting when extended to the client, builds a relationship with them and makes them more accessible.

Growing your reputation to your audience should not only be limited to sharing your knowledge on larger general sites, but also to smaller niche websites. This helps you reach out to a new audience and to establish yourself as a thought leader, translating into high quality back links.


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