Cursive Writing Making Comeback

After taking a backseat for so many years, it appears that cursive writing is making a return to school curriculum. The debate on cursive writing has been ongoing. A few parties have said it makes no sense to teach cursive writing in an era where keyboards and texting take precedence. A large majority of people have fought over the return of this historically important school subject.

Alabama and Louisiana are the latest of fourteen states which have passed laws recently requiring cursive to be taught. This comes shortly after New York City began re-implementing cursive writing programs back into their third grade classes. Other states which have passed bills mandating cursive writing as part of standard school curriculum include Massachusetts, California, Georgia, Idaho, and Virginia.

Why Cursive Writing?

What this entire debate boils down to you is whether or not cursive writing is a waste of time for modern youngsters. The fact remains that, even for our current generation, cursive writing does serve a few very real purposes.

-Cursive is quicker when taking notes

-Many historical documents are written in cursive, and students need to learn this form of writing in order to read them

-Previous generations do much of their writing in cursive. Failure to teach the subject could result in communication breaks between newer and older generations.

-Cursive writing is a fundamental form of penmanship

-Students must learn cursive in order to create their signature. Even if done via electronic pads, signatures must still be written in cursive for numerous important documents.


What are your thoughts on cursive writing? Do you believe it is necessary in the modern age to include it as part of school’s curriculum? Or do you feel it is an outdated practice that should be done away with? Share with us in the comments below.



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