We Are Accepting Books For Review Again!

When I first began my blog so many years ago, I did a lot of book reviews for other indie authors. I had to give that up for a while in order to balance out my incredibly hectic schedule, which I was managed while attempting to find a diagnosis to several health issues I was suffering. Now, however, I will be accepting books for review again.

I will only be accepting books in print form, however, as I have taken to reading again while laying in bed. I no longer have a Nook, as it broke. This being said, any authors who would like to have their books reviewed may email me at Please include the following:

-Author Name & Book Title
-Brief Synopsis
-Page Count
-Links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Goodreads (whichever are applicable)

I will respond to all authors within seven days of receiving a review request. If the request is accepted, I will send an address where the book can be sent.

On another note, if anyone would like to volunteer to do book reviews for the blog, I would be more than happy to have you! There are no minimum reviews necessary, although it should be reasonable.

Anyways, thanks so much, and I look forward to once again doing book reviews!


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