Poetry Share: Emotional Wares & My Country Home

Hey there, loyal readers! Here are two new poems I’d like to share with you, both of which will be included in my second volume of poetry to be released this upcoming fall. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below. I always love hearing from you!

Emotional Wares

Emotions displayed on your table of wares,
you have taken from me,
and you have left it here.
I have but a chance to buy back my thoughts,
but will I forsake myself,
for all that I have lost?
Could you hear me crying when you stole these from me,
did you believe I had forgotten,
how you shared with my enemies.
A toast to you, my dear lost cause,
for you have ripped me apart on the inside,
my heart- it has turned and tossed.
Bitter sweet tears had long since dried,
yet to see it all displayed here,
has brought fresh tears to my eyes.
How much for this dream,
and how much can I spare?
I wish back this desire,
have you yet to put a price on this dear?
I must walk away,
for you have taken it all.
I once dreamt of flight,
now I dismally fall.

My Country Home

My home, she calls to me,
I can feel it in my soul.
I know it like no other,
and this is what I know.
The skies seem bluer,
the grass is so green,
others may not see it so,
but I know exactly what I mean.
The people here are friendly,
they are slow and backwards,
while people in the north, they fret,
always running somewhere forwards.
Many think us simple,
and yes, I believe we are,
but I like the way we are,
we move not fast nor far.
You may like your big cities,
the skylines lights so bright,
but I like my country home,
where the only lights are fireflies.
We grow our corn and wheat,
we raise our chickens and cows,
we sit on our front porches,
telling stories and passing on know-hows.
We sing with all our hearts,
strumming on banjo or acoustic,
while city folks head to the clubs,
and say they need to ‘lose it.’
I don’t know the meanings,
of all these strange things,
I’ve been forced to a city life once,
the thought makes my ears ring.
So much noise,
so much light,
I found it hard to remember,
which was day or night.
Feel bad for me if you will,
I know I fear for you,
but I will always miss my country home,
that one fact is true.

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