The Life of A Work-A-Holic


Well, hello there, dear readers. It’s been a while, I know. Unfortunately, my life has been rather hectic lately. After a divorce in October, I’ve suddenly been thrown into the life of a work-a-holic… but no worries, I’m ensuring that this also includes my writing now. I’m delving into finishing up the editing I left off months ago. My newest book, entitled ‘Poor Florida Cracker’, will be published this upcoming fall. So look for it! I’m currently on the last round of edits, page four of 199. I’ll be posting a sneak peek of the book this upcoming Friday, here on the blog. I’ll be posting one sentence for every like and comment I get on this post, and any I post for the rest of the week. Another thing coming up: I’ll be running a nifty little giveaway this weekend, in an effort to get my blog active again and to, of course, reward you lovely readers.

But what do I mean when I say I’ve been thrown into the life of a work-a-holic? Ah, let’s see… I’m currently working two jobs, both of which are as a line cook. I work anywhere between 46 and 62 hours a week, in five or six days, depending. Granted, I live on the shore, so once summer is over my hours will drop drastically. I have to make the money while I can! Speaking of which, it is just about time for me to rush my way to my first day job. Check back with me tonight! I’ll be sharing one of the many  poems I’ve written recently, which will be included in my second volume of poetry, also to be released this upcoming fall. See you on the flip side, my friends!


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