Author Marketing Ideas, Part Four: Facebook


Marketing can often seem tedious or darn near impossible to successfully carry out. The good news is that most people simply over-think things. There are dozens of useful marketing techniques you can utilize, which are free or nearly free, that allow you to see actual results. In this series ‘Author Marketing Ideas’ we are going to introduce you to numerous techniques and ideas you can use to market your books, blog, website, etc. Each post will introduce you to one new idea, and give you ten simple tips on how to best utilize that specific technique. Check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more great marketing ideas!


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites out there, offering both paid and free options for authors wishing to market themselves and their titles. Facebook is fairly simple to use, and even offers analytics for author pages, which helps individuals see how their posts are actually doing – no guesswork involved. The downside to Facebook is that they often mess with how people are presented with posts, which can make your analytics go all wonky. The plus side is that there are numerous ways of getting around this so that your posts still get an adequate amount of views and engagement.

The main thing you must remember with Facebook, and all other social media sites, is that hard selling techniques simply do not work. You can’t simply load a person’s news feed up with a ton of “buy this! Do that!” stuff. Instead, you must learn to focus your posts on engagement. This helps to build a strong type of loyalty between yourself and your followers that you simply can’t create any other way – it’s more like you become a friend, rather than a salesman.

10 Simple Tips

1. Always like your own posts. Because of the algorithm that Facebook uses, this helps to increase the amount of people who will see your post.
2. If you’re going to use one of the paid options, such as boosting your post, be sure you’re only doing it on posts which need to be seen. This helps you to save money, and ensure your vital posts are being seen. Paid options for post boosting start at only $5.
3. Use a diversity of post types to garner the most engagement. Post types include (but aren’t limited to): giveaways, images, videos, written posts, games, and links to articles.
4. When using written posts on your Facebook author page, try to always end with a question. This can help to boost the engagement your post gets, because it prompts your followers to answer.
5. Playing games on your Facebook author page can also help to boost engagement. There are a ton of fantastic games you can play on your Facebook author page. Click here to see a few ideas.
6. Never rant, rave, cuss, or fight with another individual on your author page. This is highly unprofessional.
7. Always check your posts for typos and grammatical errors. While everyone tends to create posts with these once in a great while, it is best to avoid it whenever possible so you don’t seem unprofessional.
8. Never post sensitive, personal information on your Facebook page. This includes social security number, home address, personal telephone number, credit/bank card numbers, any type of password, etc.
9. While you should be careful about what personal information you post, you should try to include general information about yourself. This helps your readers to feel more connected with you. Things like likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. are good choices.
10. Avoid “taboo” topics. This includes things like sexual orientation, religion, politics, etc.
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