7 Writing Hacks For The Indie Author


Writing can be a tough business, with plenty of highs and lows. Anything which can make your writing easier is welcome, right? But what can possibly make it easier? Start by giving these seven writing hacks a try, and come back on Wednesday to learn seven more!

1. Never Edit While You Write

Editing while you write is literally pointless, because you’re just going to end up editing everything all over again. The idea is to keep writing. It helps you reach the end of your rough draft quicker, keeps you in your writing flow, and is generally more productive than stopping to edit while still writing your manuscript.

2. Keep Pen & Paper With You At All Times

As a writer, it is imperative you keep pen and paper with you at all times. Keep a little notebook in your pocket, in your purse, in your car, your briefcase, and/or beside your bed. This way you will always be able to write down ideas as you have them, thus eliminating that horrid feeling when you forget a fantastic idea you had.

3. Set Goals

Goals are important. They offer structure in an otherwise structureless career. It also gives you the opportunity to see an end in sight with your manuscript. Set an estimated word count for each title, and a deadline for the manuscript to be completed.

4. Always Set Manuscript Aside Before Editing

Heading straight from writing to editing is pointless, because you’ll still be look at it with accustomed eyes. Instead, set your manuscript aside for a few days, or even a few weeks, before going back to edit it. This allows you to look at the story with a fresh set of eyes, so you’ll catch more mistakes.

5. Edit Critically – Like A Stranger Would

As writers, it can either be way too easy to look at our work critically (too critically), or else it is nearly impossible for us to do so. Yet editing critically, as though you were a stranger and not the birth-giver of the manuscript at hand, is imperative. It allows you to create a better, more finished piece than if you looked at it as though you were ripping apart your child.

6. Get A Fresh Opinion

Fresh opinions can come in the form of friends, family members, co-workers, and beta readers. Allow them to read your work before you hit publish, and ask them for honest opinions. You don’t want people who will simply tell you that your work is good, because that isn’t going to help you. You want to choose people who can find the flaws in your book, so that you can fix them prior to editing.

7. Read Aloud While Editing

Reading aloud while you edit is a great way to ensure your story flows. If you stumble over sentences while reading aloud, there is a good chance they need to be reworded. Reading aloud can also help you find errors you may not have otherwise found, because it forces you to really focus on what has been written.

If you liked these seven writing hacks, make sure you come back on Wednesday to learn seven more that can make your writing even easier. In the meantime, why not check out our post, 4 Stress Killing Techniques For Writers?


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