My Introduction To A Hectic School Schedule

As many of you know, my daughter started Kindergarten this year. My baby girl is officially in school, and I suppose she isn’t such a “baby” anymore – but don’t tell me that, or I may have a breakdown! Haha. Well, I’ve always been one to believe that extracurricular activities are really important in rounding out a child. My mother believed the same thing. In elementary school, I did softball, dance (ballet, tap, jazz), gymnastics, school council, Girl Scouts, AWANA, and the writing club. While my daughter certainly isn’t doing as much, she is still doing quite a bit. It’s a drastic change from last year, when I kept her home (she didn’t go to preschool), and she only had one 45 minute dance class each week. That was it. No running her around hectically or any of that. One dance class. This year is much different.

Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten, she goes to school Monday through Friday, for seven hours a day. What we were going to do was have her take four dance classes (all that were offered for her age group) on Tuesdays, but as we found out, that’s just a little bit too much for her. Her teachers (who she and I both love, by the way), said that she most liked the Jazz class and Tap/Hip-Hop Combo class. That’s great, but it’s really important to me that she takes ballet. Of course, I totally understand that four classes was rather overwhelming after a full day of school. So, between the teachers and myself, we worked out something that worked for everyone. On Tuesdays, she will take the Jazz and Tap/Hip-Hop Combo classes, which means she’ll be at her dance school for roughly 1 ½ hours instead of 3. Plus, she’ll have almost two hours between school and dance (versus 45 minutes), which will work out much better. On Saturdays, she’ll take the preschool ballet/tap combo class, so she’ll still be taking ballet. The teachers assured me that there are plenty of five year olds still in that class, so it won’t be that she’s way too old for it. Moving forward…

Three dance classes each week isn’t all she’ll be doing, however, but thankfully, everything is added to our schedule gradually. At the end of this month, she’ll be starting AWANA, which is a church program held every Friday night for almost two hours. This was the one thing she did not get to choose, because it’s something I feel is incredibly important. My husband and I both did AWANA, and I honestly believe she’ll love it. I know I did.

In the beginning of October, Girl Scouts start. Other than dance, Girl Scouts was the only other thing my daughter absolutely wanted to do. Did I mention I’m the new Kindergarten troop leader for our area? Oh yeah 😉 Anyways, that will be two hours every other Thursday evening.

So when do we get to rest? Well, there isn’t anything planned on Sundays. Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Thursday, Vikki Beth only has school. I think we’ll make it through the year just fine. Plus, my daughter really loves everything that she’s been doing. She loves school, and of course she loves dance. This is her second year, and she adores dance, her teachers, and her classes in general. I hope she loves AWANA and Girl Scouts just as much.

Plus, in addition to having to simply run her all of these places, I’ve also volunteered at nearly everything! I’m the new Daisy Girl Scout Troop Leader for this area, the classroom coordinator for her school, and I know that last year, I volunteered as room mother for both of her dance recitals. I’m just as busy as she is – personally, I love it. I love being involved in everything that my daughter does, and I love helping out with all of the other children. Oh, by the way, in addition to everything else – I also babysit three other children. Yes, busy, busy mother. I’ll give y’all an update as to how things play out as each new activity is introduced to her schedule (and mine!).

What extracurricular activities do your children do? Do you volunteer with anything your child does – school or otherwise? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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