5 Games You Can Play On Your Facebook Author Page


Playing games on your Facebook author page is a fantastic way to boost post engagement, while having a lot of fun at the same time. If you’re not sure what sorts of games you can play on your author page, try starting with one of these five fun games.

1. Caption The Picture

Caption the picture is simple, and is carried out exactly the way it sounds. You, the author, will find a picture online. It can be anything, even one you took yourself. Then you ask your readers/followers to caption the picture. Whoever you think has the best caption wins the prize.

2. Bookgo

Bookgo is a lot like Bingo – actually, it’s almost exactly like Bingo. Each individual who wants to play the game will choose five to seven numbers. They get to choose the numbers themselves, but they must post them so that nobody can cheat. Then you, the author, will go to, and “call out” (post) the numbers the random generator gives you. Whoever has all of their numbers called first wins the prize.

3. One Word Story

One Word Story is really fun, and it’s very author-y (not that author-y is a word, but you get it). The author starts with a short half-sentence. Your readers/followers are encouraged to post one word (or up to one sentence, depending on the rules you decide to use) that follows whoever posted last. For example, you might write “It was a dark and stormy night, when…” The next person might post “all of a sudden…” and the next person could write “there was a knock.” The game can literally go on forever, and it’s incredibly fun. It can get really silly as the story goes on, and you don’t usually offer a prize with this game, since everyone’s just have fun and there is no real winner for One Word Story.

4. Word Scramble

Word Scramble is a fun game where you post a word or two words and participants see how many other words they can make out of them. For example, you could post your own name. Mine would be Chelsea Falin. Participants could make the words: Sea, Fall, Cheese, Fail, Nail, Hell, etc. out of those words. Whoever comes up with the most original words (meaning they weren’t simply copied from people who posted above them) wins the prize.

5. This or That?

This or that is another one of those games where there isn’t traditionally a prize being offered – it’s more about simply having fun. The way this game works is that you, the author, starts the game off with a this or that question, such as “Coke or Pepsi?” The next person would answer the question posted above them, and then ask a this or that question of their own. They might say “Coke. Dogs or Cats?” The game can continue on for literally forever.

Playing one or more of these games on your Facebook author page can help to dramatically increase post engagement. Try playing a game every few days to see your post engagement boosted, and perhaps even your page likes increased.

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