Author Marketing Ideas, Part One: Business Cards & Signature Branding


Marketing can often seem tedious or darn near impossible to successfully carry out. The good news is that most people simply over-think things. There are dozens of useful marketing techniques you can utilize, which are free or nearly free, that allow you to see actual results. In this series ‘Author Marketing Ideas’ we are going to introduce you to numerous techniques and ideas you can use to market your books, blog, website, etc. Each post will introduce you to one new idea, and give you ten simple tips on how to best utilize that specific technique. Check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more great marketing ideas!

Business Cards

Business cards are incredibly useful rectangles that contain all of your important business information. It would typically include information like your name, professional title, phone number, email address, mailing address (if relevant), one or two most important social media handles, and possibly information on what you write. My own business cards include all of that (minus mailing address), along with the names of three of my books, and the genres I write in. Feel free to get creative with yours! While a business card MUST contain vital business information to be of any real use to you or anybody else, there are plenty of fun things you can do with that tiny card!

Signature Branding

Signature branding is very much like a virtual business card. Customize your email signature, and signature on forums or anything else, to include the same information a physical business card would. Here’s an example to show you what we’re talking about:

Chelsea Falin
Indie Author of Young Adult, Romance, & Non-Fiction
Books available at most major online retailers

See? My signature is very simple, but it gives people plenty of ways to contact me, or to find more information on my books. That’s the idea – you want to give people a way to find out more about you and your books.

10 Simple Tips

1. Always carry around a few business cards. You never know when the opportunity to offer one might arise!
2. Try adding information on what book genres you write, or the synopsis for your latest book on the back of the card.
3. Budget tight? Check out Vista Print! You can receive 250 business cards for free – just pay shipping and handling.
4. Feel free to make your branded signature linked, instead of written out. (For example, it would simply say Facebook, and would be linked to your account)
5. Never put your home address on your business cards or branded signature. If you’d like to include a mailing address, but don’t have a business location, use a P.O. Box.
6. Never include personal information, like your social security card, on anything that other people will see. This is dangerous.
7. When at author signings, be sure to hand out your business cards. Include them in swag bags, books, and leave some on your table. This is a prime place to find people who will actually want more information on you and your books.
8. Give a few of your business cards to those who are close to you, so that they can hand them out as well. Good ideas of people would include your significant other, best friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, close cousins, etc.
9. One great idea is to include your picture on your business card. This is optional, but it gives people a very good visual.
10. Always double check your business cards and branded signature for typos and grammatical errors, as these can make you seem unprofessional.

If you’d like to read more on a similar topic, be sure to check out our post, 3 Forms of Free Advertisement For Authors & Bloggers.


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