A Blurred Upbringing, Part 3: “Becoming The Crazy Baby Lady”

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The ‘Blurred Upbringing’ Series is going to be a series of blog posts I put out detailing something strange, memorable, or important from my childhood. After you hear some ramblings about my own upbringing, with images to illustrate my point, you can find the Moral of The Story down at the bottom. The Moral of The Story is the point I want to make with each of these rambling blog posts. Enjoy!

yes3 (5)Since I can remember, I have always had this strong affinity for babies and children. I love them. I love being around them, and I love taking care of them. In fact, I often prefer the company of babies and children over that of adults, because children do not judge. They are also entirely comfortable with who they are, what they like, and until they reach a certain age, they almost never think about whether something is embarrassing or not. It is truly a beautiful thing, and a lovely, refreshing view of life.

The first baby I ever took care of was my baby cousin, who lived with us for a few years. My Momma used to babysit while my Aunt worked, and (being the oldest girl child in the home), I helped tend to the baby while my Momma did what she needed to do Boo's Bday 050around the house. I think I was eight and nine when I ended her, and my baby cousin was a few months old to a little over one. I loved it, and didn’t mind sacrificing my own play time to play with her – I loved it!

From that point on, as the years progressed, there was rarely a time when I wasn’t tending a baby. I don’t mean 24/7, but sporadically through the years. I have always babysat children, and I continue to do so today. The interesting thing is that people trust me with their children. Even parents who don’t leave their children with other people will often leave them with me. Perhaps they can sense how much I love children, and how important their safety is. This translates to my being extra attentive, and their West Virginia Falin Reunion 2014 004children are always given back in one piece – happy, clean, and fed.

I didn’t go through a stage where I didn’t like caring for children, either. I know that some people reach this ‘I don’t like younger kids’ thing when they turn into teenagers, but I never did. I don’t really know how to explain my love of kids. I’m just one of those people who enjoy mothering, I suppose. That, and I enjoy knowing that I’m making a difference in the world, one child at a time. If I can give a child even the smallest knowledge, the smallest good memory, than I have made a difference in the future, because the fact is… children are our future. They will move on to take over the world, and I like to imagine people like me, the under-appreciated childcare givers of the world, have made one of the biggest differences in the simplest of ways. Perhaps that’s silly of me. I certainly don’t tend to children, my own and others, in the hopes West Virginia Falin Reunion 2014 147of recognition. Yet somewhere deep down I always imagine I’m making a difference.

I come by this love of children naturally. I never remember a time when my own Momma didn’t have a spare baby/child or two running around our house. Some people used to joke that my Momma didn’t feel right unless she had a baby on her hip, borrowed or not. I often laugh, because I feel the same way. No child is ever turned away, either. They weren’t by my Momma, and they aren’t by me. I don’t care where the child comes from, who their parents are, or what have you – they are always welcome in my home.

West Virginia Falin Reunion 2014 044This being said, it has now become the running gag that, since my little sister has become the ‘crazy cat lady’, I must be the ‘crazy baby lady.’ I’m totally okay with that, too, because that is exactly who I am. Unfortunately, other adults don’t always understand this. I’ve lost many friends along my journey to adulthood, because other adults don’t understand how or why I am always so busy tending to children, both my own and everyone else’s. Life is like that sometimes, and I’m perfectly fine with it. This is simply yet another way I ensure I’m always myself.

Moral of The Story:

Just be who you are. Embrace it entirely and completely, with every ounce of youryes11 being. We are all different, and there are so many things which influence who we become. While I might have become the ‘crazy baby lady’ and my sister might have become the ‘crazy cat lady,’ everyone out there is something or someone. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you’re a good person, so embrace it – and to hell with what anyone else has to say. It doesn’t matter, because they aren’t you. Only you are truly you.

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