3 Forms of Free Advertisement For Authors & Bloggers


Advertising your books or your blog can be expensive. The truth of the matter is that $5 here and there, along with dropping $50 or $100 once in a while, adds up – and it adds up quickly. Finding ways to advertise that will also stretch a limited budget is especially important for authors and bloggers, because budgets are usually tight from the very start. Ready to find out how you can advertise your books or blog for free? Check out these three great ways to get started.

1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the oldest forms of advertising, and it still works well to do this day. The best part is that word of mouth is entirely free, and people are much more likely to follow up on something a friend tells them versus something they saw on a commercial or billboard. Plus, word of mouth is incredibly easy to start. Just tell someone you know to spread the news, or hand out a business card to an interested stranger you meet in your day to day. Ask your current followers to invite their friends to your page – it’s really that easy!

2. Social Media

Social media is free, although there are usually paid options. It just depends on which social sites you’re currently using. The big thing here is that you need to be using social media the right way. Too many individuals start out using hard selling techniques, only to find that it doesn’t bring in the desired results. That’s because you need to focus on soft selling techniques on social media, with engagement being your primary goal and sales being your secondary goal. Engagement through social media has the potential to create a type of very personal customer/reader loyalty that you simply can’t form any other way.

3. Link Exchanging

Social media is a great way to create professional relationships, and so are things like conventions, guest blogging, etc. You can use relevant professional relationships to help one another advertise, and link exchanging is just one really great example of how. When you exchange links with someone, you are offering to advertise their books, blog, or website on your own blog or website, while they do the same for you. It’s simple, free, and can help to pool everyone’s followers together to create a much larger following for everyone involved.

Do you have any free forms of advertising that you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments, and we’ll cover it in a follow up blog post! Come back tomorrow for a look at three more free forms of advertising for bloggers and authors that we’ve come up with ourselves.

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