The Truth Behind Common Myths About The South: Part 3


Yesterday we took a look at six common myths about the south, and the day before we tackled six more. Today, we’ll take a look at our final six myths, and whether or not they are true, false, or a little bit of both.

1. We’re Stupid

This, along with the inbred one we discussed in part one, really bother me. How can you really think that everyone, in an enormous amount of states, are all stupid? Granted, we do have our stupid people in the south, too. Perhaps people believe this myth because we don’t hide our idiots. We dress them up and parade them through town with pride. What’s a family or community without a little diversity, right?

2. Everyone Dresses Alike

If you watch a movie depicting the south, you’re going to see that everyone wears the same things. These things consist of either a cowboy hat and boots, or a trucker cap and work boots. It is also going to include one of the following things: daisy dukes, overalls/coveralls, sundresses, wife beaters, anything/everything camouflage, or straw hats (reserved for the most hick individuals, of course). Do you know what I’m wearing right now? A sports bra and a pair of Green Bay Packers athletic shorts. Do you now what I normally wear? Shorts (not daisy dukes) or jeans, and a tee-shirt. I’m almost always either barefoot or in flip-flops. Most of the people I know dress more or less the same way. Oh, sure, we do wear those cliché items listed above more often than anywhere else, but we don’t all wear them all of the time. It’s another thing that is simply a matter of personal preference.

3. Everyone Has A Ton of Kids

This is half-true. I saw a survey once that showed people in the south do tend to have more children than those in the north or the west, as a general rule. The average was higher in southern states as a whole, anyways. But not everyone has a ton of kids. Some people even have just one – if you can believe that, which would be hard if you believe this stereotype. It just depends on personal preference. I only have one so far, and although I’d love to have a big family, well, I’m not popping them out left and right.

4. Everyone Gets Married Young

This is another one that is halfway true. According to national averages, southern states are among those with the youngest brides and grooms per average – in my own experience, I’ve noticed that my friends down in Florida get married a lot younger than my friends in New Jersey. Yet, once again, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer to get married early, while others prefer to wait until they’re older.

5. Everyone Drinks All The Time

Like probably 90% of all the other common myths I’ve listed in this three part series, this one is a matter of personal preference. You really can’t group millions of southerners into one single category with anything, because, as with anywhere else, we’re all individuals. Some people drink all of the time, some drink once in a while, and some don’t drink at all. It’s simply a matter of what specific people want to (or can) do. I suppose that there are some of us (yes, I’ve been here too) who act quite cliche. Drinking, raising a little Cain – you know the bit. But for the most part, we’re just like anyone else.

6. We All Do Certain Things

There is a strange belief, as you’ve assuredly seen on this list, that people believe we all do the same exact things. Things, in particular, that people naturally assume all southerners do, include: fishing, hunting, cow-tipping, skinny dipping, frog gigging, mudding, trail riding, horseback riding, shooting (guns/bows), etc. It’s all another matter of personal preference, and honestly, it’s more so people out in the country anywhere than in the city anywhere.

Are there any common myths you’ve heard about the south? Want to know if they’re true or not, or perhaps you’re a southerner who would like to see a myth debunked for everyone? Tell me about it in the comments below, and if I get enough reader input, I’ll write a follow up post.

If you’d like to read more, be sure to check out The Truth Behind Common Myths About The South, Part One, and Part Two.


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