Teaser Tuesday: Poor Florida Cracker

I know I’ve been slacking for a while here, but I’m going to try and pick back up on Teaser Tuesday again. The only thing I’m going to do different from before is that instead of sharing the last ten sentences, I’ll be sharing the last twenty. I think that gives y’all more of an idea of what I’m working on. Anyways, my work in progress is called ‘Poor Florida Cracker’ and it’s going to be the first in a four part series. I’ve been sitting on it forever, but it should be out for y’all very soon! Right now it’s sitting at 36,818 words. Here are the last twenty sentences I wrote. Enjoy!

Another pause. “Who with?”
“Cora.” I said, not realizing there could easily be more than one.
“Mister Lykin’s girl?” I just nodded my head.
When Dad didn’t say anything, I prompted, “What am I supposed to do?”
“The honorable thing, of course. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a good man like you.”
“What would the honorable thing be?” I pressed, not entirely understanding.
“Marry her. Or at least propose. If she don’t accept, that’s on her.” Dad was looking down at me again, his kind eyes squinting in the glare of the sun. “Truth is, that’s the only right way to go about things. Might sound rough, and even if you don’t love this girl, you gotta understand that you made your bed. It’s time to lay in it.” That was his final word on things.
I knew he was right. I guess I had known all along there was only one way to go about this… or at least, only one way which allowed me to respect myself. If only I hadn’t let my little brain do all my thinking for me, maybe this could be avoided. Yeah, but hind sight is always twenty-twenty, I thought a bit sourly. 

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