A Look At Some of My Poetry

Recently I realized that I haven’t ever really shared my poetry here with y’all. My poetry book was one of my very first publications. I believe, if my memory serves me, that it was actually my second title. Anyways, with that in mind, I’d like to share three of my favorite new poems with y’all. Soon I’ll be coming out with a second edition of poetry, so now seems like a good time to share. I hope you enjoy it.

Emotional Wares

Emotions displayed on your table of wares,
you have taken from me,
and you have left it here.
I have but a chance to buy back my thoughts,
but will I forsake myself,
for all that I have lost?
Could you hear me crying when you stole these from me,
did you believe I had forgotten,
how you shared with my enemies.
A toast to you, my dear lost cause,
for you have ripped me apart on the inside,
my heart- it has turned and tossed.
Bitter sweet tears had long since dried,
yet to see it all displayed here,
has brought fresh tears to my eyes.
How much for this dream,
and how much can I spare?
I wish back this desire,
have you yet to put a price on this dear?
I must walk away,
for you have taken it all.
I once dreamt of flight,
now I dismally fall.

I Left My Heart In West Virginia

I left my heart in West Virginia,
somewhere ‘neath the clouded sky.
It lays beneath the mountains,
though I know not the reason why.
It still beats,
though I feel it dim,
It still beats,
so I know I still live.

I left my heart in West Virginia,
it would not come back home,
no matter how I called,
it said ‘twould never come.
How it happened I’m not sure,
the mountains stole my breath,
twists and turns along the way,
stole away the rest.

I left my heart in West Virginia,
in the hollers and the trees,
it likes it much better there,
I know- since it’s part of me.
It’s rather lonely here without it,
yet I can see it’s point,
if it were possible I’d stay to,
ah, but alas, I sound contrite.

I left my heart in West Virginia,
and that is where it will stay,
but surely I will visit it,
as I can, as I may.
It stays there with my kin,
it stays there with the creeks,
it found a better home,
it no longer wants what is now me.

Maniacally Writing

My bones ache,
and my fingers are sore ,
yet still I write,
and write some more.
My body craves sleep,
yet my brain won’t stop,
from page to page,
I hop and hop.
No more blank pages,
oh no- they just can’t be,
they sit upon my table,
and purposefully mock me.
So I must write,
write them up,
I just can’t,
I just can’t stop.
I go without sleep,
I go without food,
I just sit here and write,
and occasionally brood.
I’m not sure why,
my fingers feel possessed,
my pen feels it too,
my brain is manically obsessed.
Yet still I sit,
and write as I grow old,
I will never be free,
this will always have a hold.

If you enjoyed these four poems, be sure to get yourself a copy of my first collection of poems, The Eloquence of A Child, on Amazon, or Kindle.


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