The Truth Behind Common Myths About The South: Part 1


Coming from the south myself, and currently living in a northern state, I’ve found that there are a lot of myths surrounding individuals like myself – southerners, I mean. Not everything people believe is false, but certainly not everything is true. Some things are true for some and false for others. Anyways, I’ve decide to do a three part series revealing the truth behind common myths about the south. Some of these myths are harmless, and others are fairly offensive. Either way, you’ll be walking away from this three part series with a much more realistic image of what the south – and those who live down there – are really like. So, without further ado…

1. We’re All Inbred (Or Mostly)

This one is one of those offensive ones, and it’s certainly not true. I’m not inbred, nor is my husband, nor were either sets of our parents. My husband and I are certainly not related in any form other than our own marriage. That being said, I’m sure that there are inbred people everywhere. I can honestly say I do know a few people who are inbred, but it’s not all of us down south. In fact, most of us are quite normal in our sexual desires – and that does not include relatives, animals, etc.

2. We Say “Y’all” Every 2 Seconds

*sigh* If you watch television at all, you’ll notice that people pretending to be southern or being portrayed as southerners say y’all at the end of every dang sentence. We don’t do that. Yes, we say y’all… we might even say it a lot. But we only use it in the right context. The RIGHT context is when you’re speaking to a group of two or more people. If there are more than four or five people, ‘All Y’all’ would be the right terms. That being said, this one is undoubtedly false.

3. We All Drink Sweet Tea

This one is kind of difficult to say. I would have to say that the majority of us do drink sweet tea. However, just because we’re southerners doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to our own likes and dislikes. Some people just don’t like sweet tea. While we may think that’s a it strange, well, it’s just the way it goes.

4. We’re All Incredibly Friendly

Southerners do tend to be much more friendlier than those I’ve encountered in northern states. Or, at least, we seem more friendly. I think this is because most of us are still afraid we’re going to get our butts whooped if we don’t use our manners properly, but I’ve found that it isn’t so much as southern versus northern with this one. It’s really more like city dwellers versus small towners or country folk. The truth is, city people tend to be much less friendly than those who live in small towns or out in the country. I think this is because, in smaller places, everyone knows everyone. It’s not like you can avoid them, so being rude which just make your own life more difficult. That, and some people are just friendly. Others are not.

5. We All Live On Farms

People who believe this one have obviously never visited Atlanta, Richmond, Miami, etc. We do have cities in the south… big ones. I, personally, grew up on a farm, but not everyone who can claim southern roots did. It’s the exact same as in the north, or the west. Some of us live in cities, some in suburbs, some in the country. It just depends on the person, like most things on this list.

6. We All Listen To Country Music

We don’t. My Momma didn’t like country music, and not all of my siblings do. At least half of the people I went to school with didn’t either, and we aren’t just from the south… we’re from the small town south. That being said, like most other items on this list, it’s a matter of personal choice. Some of us like country. Others like rap, rock, reggae, pop, classical, oldies, techno, metal, etc. While I do listen to country, I actually listen to more reggae and hair metal.

Check back tomorrow for part two of our three part series debunking (or proving) common myths about the south. If you’d like to read more about the south, and get a good laugh while you’re at it, check out my book, The Southern Dictionary, on Amazon, Nook, or Kindle.


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