What My Step Parents Taught Me

As children, we all too often take our parents for granted. We assume that, since they’ve always been there, they will always continue to be there in the future. Unfortunately, it usually takes the loss of one parent to show a child just how human they are. Our parents will, eventually, leave us, although we can hope it doesn’t happen until their well into old age. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, as my own mother was only 42 years old when she passed away. I was eighteen. My mother-in-law was only 47 when she passed away. My husband was seventeen. However, the point of this post is not to give you panic, anxiety, etc. or to make you feel depressed. I just wanted to state the reason behind why I’m doing this little tribute to my parents. So, let’s continue.

Now, I already listed out 24 things my Momma and Daddy taught me, but now I’m going to take a look at a very special type of parent – step parents. You see, step parents are special because they “step” in and take care of a child that isn’t theirs by birth. They don’t have to do this, but they choose to out of the goodness of their heart. I’m a very lucky girl, because I have two amazing step parents. Not very many children of divorced families can honestly say they look at their step parents as they do their biological, but I definitely can.

You see, my parents divorced when I was only four years old. They separated when I was two or three. But when I was five, my momma and my step daddy got together. When I was nine, my daddy started dating my step momma, and when I was ten, they married. So, for the majority of my life I’ve had these two fantastic people to help me along my journey. The bonus is that I’m an extremely well rounded individual, or so I’d like to think. I mean, I had four people to contribute towards my upbringing, and all of them brought a very specific skill set to the table – and never complained or hesitated to teach me them.

So, without further ado, here are the things that my step momma and step daddy taught me – once again, the ‘gender specific’ tasks blur here, although I didn’t even realize it until I analyzed it. There is one item for each year they’ve been a part of my life – 19 things for my step daddy, and 14 for my step momma.

packers john and me

Things My Step-Daddy Taught Me

1. How To Bake Most Things
2. The Importance of Hard Work (He Got Me My First Job At 8)
3. How To Shovel Snow
4. How To Build A Snow Man
5. How To Persevere In The Toughest of Conditions
6. How To Change A Tire
7. How To Cut The Sleeves Off My Shirts
8. How To Properly Wear (& Tie) A Bandana
9. How To Make Home Made Pizza
10. How To Make Fun of Myself
11. That A Man Should Always Work
12. That Women Can Do Men’s Work
13. How To Build A Fire
14. How To Smile In the Worst of Times
15. The Importance of Family Above All Else
16. How To Handle Black Ice When You’re Driving
17. How To Play Black Jack
18. How To Play Poker
19. How To Cuss (lol)


Things My Step-Momma Taught Me

1. How To Sew
2. How To Cut Hair
3. How To Paint
4. How To Properly Pack For An Extended Vacation
5. How To Deal With My Panic Attacks
6. The Importance of Not Letting Others Influence How I Look At Those I Love
7. How To Swaddle A Baby
8. How To Make Fried Okra
9. How To Make Mashed Potatoes
10. How To Plant & Take Care Of A Garden
11. That It’s Okay To Give Into Your Emotions Sometimes
12. To Make The Best Of Hard Situations
13. How To Collect Rain Water & ‘Sanitize’ It
14. How To Dance

These simple things may not seem like much in the long run, but they’ve helped me tremendously in my daily life. I tried to choose things that weren’t common – you know, things like teaching me to walk, talk, etc. What did your parents and/or step parents teach you? I’d love to hear, so feel free to tell me in the comments section below!

To read more on this topic, check out our blog post, What My Parents Taught Me.


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