What My Parents Taught Me

As children, we all too often take our parents for granted. We assume that, since they’ve always been there, they will always continue to be there in the future. Unfortunately, it usually takes the loss of one parent to show a child just how human they are. Our parents will, eventually, leave us, although we can hope it doesn’t happen until their well into old age. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, as my own mother was only 42 years old when she passed away. I was eighteen. My mother-in-law was only 47 when she passed away. My husband was seventeen. However, the point of this post is not to give you panic, anxiety, etc. or to make you feel depressed. I just wanted to state the reason behind why I’m doing this little tribute to my parents. So, let’s continue.

Keeping with the fact that we take our parents for granted, we also tend to forget the many things that they’ve taught us. Yet our parents are our first (and best) teachers. For this reason, I’d like to take a few moments out of your day to tell you about a few things each of my parents taught me. I’ve going to give you one item for each year of my life, since it just seems appropriate somehow. Since I’m 24, I’ll be listing 24 things each of my parents taught me.

You may be surprised at who taught me what, considering a lot of the “gender specific” things seemed to have been skewed in my upbringing. Yet, until I analyzed it, I had never really thought about it. So, let’s begin.


Things My Momma Taught Me

1. How To Cook
2. How To Fight
3. How To See The Beauty In Everyday Things
4. How To Use Makeup
5. How To Braid Hair
6. What It Means To Be Unique
7. How To Dig Deep Down Inside Myself To Fuel My Writing
8. How To Properly Clean A House
9. How To Make A Pot Of Coffee
10. How To Shell Black Eyed Peas
11. How To Stretch $5 So It Would Feed A Family of 4
12. How To Change Diapers
13. How To Make Bottles
14. How To Put A Baby To Bed
15. How To Love Myself
16. How To Deal With Loss
17. How To Ride A Bike
18. How To Make Peanut Butter Cookies
19. How To Whittle Basic Things
20. How To Throw Knives
21. How To Sense Rain Coming
22. The Importance of Accepting People For Who They Are
23. How To Stand Up For My Beliefs Without Damaging Anyone Else’s
24. How To Pick Citrus (Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines, etc.)


Things My Daddy Taught Me

1. How To Shoot
2. How To Fish
3. How To Ride A Horse
4. How To Round Up & Butcher A Chicken
5. How To Cut Down A Tree
6. How To Clear Brush
7. How To Build A Fence
8. How To Make Apple Pie
9. How To Sharpen A Knife The Right Way
10. How To Identify Different Animal Tracks
11. How to Bait A Hook
12. How To Feed/Water/Tend To Varying Farm Animals
13. How To Drive A Riding Lawn Mower
14. How To Shuck Corn
15. How To Wrestle
16. How To Catch Lightning Bugs
17. How To Do ‘Wood Burning’
18. How To Get Rid of Fire Ants
19. How to ‘Climb’ A Mountain
20. How To Replace A Distributor Cap
21. How To Change Oil In A Car
22. How To Take Care of Abandoned Baby Animals (cats, specifically)
23. How To Make A Colicky Baby Calm
24. How To Clean A Litter Box

These simple things may not seem like much in the long run, but they’ve helped me tremendously in my daily life. I tried to choose things that weren’t common – you know, things like teaching me to walk, talk, etc. What did your parents teach you? I’d love to hear, so feel free to tell me in the comments section below!

If you’d like to read more on a similar topic, you should be sure to check out our post, Why I Love My Elders.


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