Vikki Beth’s First Sleepover

vikki beth and mommy

Just the other day, my baby girl had her very first sleepover – meaning, at someone else’s house. She’s had plenty of sleepovers here at her house, but I finally released the choke-hold and allowed her to go to one of her two best friend’s homes for the night.

The truth of it was that Vikki Beth has been ready to do this. While I’ve always practiced dependent parenting, I’ve done it with a twist, and my baby girl can be very independent. She can entertain herself for hours if need be, and she doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety from me – usually. Granted, like all children, she can get frightened if I’m away and she has to be somewhere new, but for the most part, she’s good. I was the one who wasn’t yet ready to let her go off somewhere for the night without me.

This first sleepover comes on the even of her first day of Kindergarten. In just a few weeks, she’ll start school, and honestly, I’m not really ready for that either. But it doesn’t really matter if I’m ready or not, because it will come, and I’ll grow used to it.

Vikki Beth, on the other hand, is ready. She’s been ready, and she’s so excited. I have no doubts that her first day of school will be much like her first sleepover. She’ll pack up her bag, put on her brave face, give me a big hug, kiss me, and walk away with her head held high- ready to face the challenge at hand. That’s exactly what happened, too. As her Momma, I could tell she was a little frightened, but she tried to not let on. I was a lot like that when I was younger, too. In fact, I’m still a lot like that. I’m afraid of many things, I get nervous all of the time, but I face any challenges in my path head on.

When it comes to my baby girl, however, I’m a mess. Unlike many other parents (not all, but many), I pretty much ended my life as an individual when I gave birth to my daughter. Oh, I still have friends over now and again. Once in a great while, my husband and I will go out for a few hours without her. For the most part, however, (we’ll say 90%), my life is dedicated to her. Once she had pulled out of the driveway, on the road to her very first sleepover at someone else’s house, I bawled like a baby. No, I’m not exaggerating. I sat on the porch, watched the car pull away, and cried…and cried…and cried.

It’s not that I don’t trust Vikki Beth, and it certainly wasn’t that I don’t trust who she went with, because I definitely do. But each one of these milestones means that my baby girl is growing up… and she’ll need me that tiny bit less. I imagine the first day of school will go over the same way for me. I won’t cry until she’s out of sight, however, because I don’t want to damage her confidence.

I’m proud of her confidence, her independence. I’m glad I’ve raised her to be someone who can do it on their own, without me holding her hand the entire way. The important thing is that I’ve also raised her to know she can always fall back and rely on me if she needs to. I’m always right there, in the background, ready to help her pick herself up and dust herself off so she can try again.

The sleepover, by the way, was a complete success. I didn’t have to pick her up in the middle of the night, and she came home with so many exciting stories to tell me. She remembered her milk allergy, minded her manners, and said her night time prayers. I was told that she was the best kid my friend had ever had over for the night. To say I was filled with pride when I heard that would be an understatement. So, with us both luck with the first day of school, and feel free to tell me about your children’s first sleepovers in the comments below! How did you feel? How did they feel? I want to know!

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