14 Quick Tips To Help You Be More Productive

Old ClockWhether your an independent author, musician, artist, freelancer of any sort, business man/woman, or even just a stay at home parent, there is always a struggle to be more productive. We wish for more hours in the day, but there is no realistic way to get them – not without sacrificing sleep, anyways. The next best option is to be more productive with the hours you do have. Want to get as much done as humanly possible? Check out these 20 quick tips to help you be more productive in whatever you do:

  1. Wear your shoes – even when cleaning or working from home. Your mind associates wearing your shoes with work, and getting things done.
  2. Stop multitasking. Recent studies have proven this does not help you get more done – just the opposite in fact. Focus on a single task at a time and finish it prior to starting on the next one.
  3. Listen to music. This is especially good for tasks like cleaning, because it helps the time seem to go faster.
  4. Pretend you like it. Go ahead, pretend you thoroughly enjoy every task you need to complete, even the most wretched ones. Trick yourself, and things won’t seem quite so bad.
  5. Make a list – and actually stick to it.
  6. Get enough sleep. Skipping hours only makes you feel sluggish throughout the day. You can get so much more done when you’re well rested.
  7. Eat right. When you have the necessary nutrients, you’ll have more energy.
  8. Drink enough water. Dehydration can seriously cut into your energy stores, and it’s bad for your health anyways.
  9. Get the easiest tasks done first. That way, they’re out of the way and you can focus on your difficult tasks with less things on your mind.
  10. Bundle things together. This is especially good for things like running errands. Get it all done in one shot, and stop wasting time going back and forth.
  11. Take enough breaks. It may seem counterproductive, but a fifteen minute break every four hours or so can help you recharge your body and mind before they crash.
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if your a stay at home mom, remember that your children are able to do some things too. Even little children can pick up their own toys or wipe off the table. Anything that shaves a minute or two off what you have to do is worth it.
  13. Work when you feel the best. Morning people should get things done in the morning, and night owls at night. If you feel the most productive at a certain time of the day, utilize that whenever possible.
  14. Stop checking the clock. It isn’t going to move any slower, and you’re only wasting time when you stop what you’re doing to check it.

Making use of these fourteen simple tips can help you to become more productive in whatever work or artist endeavor you’re doing. Want more tips for authors, bloggers, etc? Check out our post 6 Simple Things You Must Do On Social Media.


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