Sneak Peek: Poor Florida Cracker

So, I’m sure y’all will be pleased to know that I have been working on another book. I’ve actually been sitting on this one for a while, writing and rewriting it. Originally it was what I had written for NaNoWriMo last year but then I decided to lengthen it, make it into the first of a series, edit it, edit it again… and now I’m doing my own final edits on it. Once I’m finished, I’ll be sending it over to my editor,  and then it’ll  be ready for publish. I’m estimating a release date somewhere between September 27th and 30th, but I’ll know for sure within the next two weeks or so. After I complete this book, which will  be the start of a brand new series, I’ll be tackling the fourth volume of The Growing Roots Series, followed by a standalone that can be paired with I Found My Heart In West Virginia. I also have a non-fiction title coming out sometime during all of this.

Now that y’all are updated on where I’m at in my writing and what you might be able to expect in the upcoming months, let’s get down to business. Here’s a sneak peek of ‘Poor Florida Cracker.’ Note that it is not entirely edited, may change, etc. I’m giving you ten sentences from page 1, 10, and 50. Enjoy!

Page One

What was it that made this town so simple minded? So cruel? I’d been the butt end of their jokes- young and old alike- since the day I was born, as though I could help the circumstances I’d been born into. That didn’t matter to them, not one bit. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. People around town called me names like ‘incest hillbilly’ and ‘backwoods whore.’ The last name always makes me laugh, considering the fact I’m still a virgin. Regretfully, the first name holds some small truth to it. You see, my parents are, in the most loosely-formed, technical way possible, brother and sister. It isn’t like they have the same mom and dad, though.

Page Ten

I didn’t disagree with my brother, opting to instead follow his train of thought. “So, westwards? West of here would leave us Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Right?” I wasn’t great at geography, but I was fairly certain I was right.
“Uh huh. I think Mississippi and Louisiana are too close for comfort, though.” Jesse added, slowly narrowing down our options.
I nodded. “Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas?”
My brother thought about it for a moment before coming up with an answer.

Page Fifty

Mary spoke this time. “That’s all purely circumstantial. The video cameras didn’t prove anything, the cards were never found, and your clients are known to live in a seedy neighborhood with a high rate of crime. It is entirely possible they could have been stolen by someone else. Besides, can you really consider previous use of the card as stealing? The food stamps were rewarded to the family, and this, of course, includes the children. If they were hungry and used the card to buy food, I would hardly consider that stealing.”
I was silently justifying my own actions, or lack thereof, inside my head as the adults spoke. No one ever asked about the cards, so I’m not lying. I don’t want to go to jail, because in jail I can’t look after David and Josie.


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