Happy Mother’s Day Coming Full Circle

First and foremost, I’d like to wish all of my readers a Happy Mothers Day! There is no thrill quite like that of being a mother.

For my mothers day post, I wanted to share with you the generations of mother/daughter pairs that leads right up to myself and my daughter. If you take some time  to look at it like this, it’s actually pretty neat. I encourage you to do the same, and take a look at the strong, wise women who came before you. 🙂

0072photoMy Great-Grandmother, Lucille, and my Mamaw, Patricia. Great-Grandma Lucille was born in 1921, in Caney, Oklahoma, and passed away in 2001 in Antlers, Oklahoma. She had seven children, dozens of grandchildren, and even more great-grandchildren. What I most remember about my Great-Grandma is her letters. Her and I used to write letters back and forth to each other for years. It was a way for me to work on my writing skills, and for her to keep up to date on everything going on in my neck of the woods. I also remember her dog, Bouncer. He was a feisty little Pomeranian who went EVERYWHERE with my Great Grandma.


215580_1941594189065_1518753172_2133168_811195_nMy Momma, Vikki, and my Mamaw, Patricia. My Mamaw was born in 1944, in Stockton, Georgia. She passed away in Dade City, Florida, in 2000. She had three children, and (currently) five grandchildren, plus two great-grandchildren. What I most remember about my Mamaw is her elegance. Everything she did was so lady-like, to a very old-fashioned extreme. Sure, she had a wild side, but a good example would be the time I told her I had to ‘pee.’ She told me that ladies did not ‘pee,’  they ‘tinkled.’ I also remember her cooking.  Oh my, could she cook!


30036_129538563737247_100000433132999_245909_6642550_nMe and my Momma. My momma was born in 1966, in Florida. She passed away in 2009, in New Jersey. What I remember most about my Momma were our late-night talks over steaming cups of coffee. Sometimes we would sit outside on the porch (especially if it were fall or a thunderstorm), or in the kitchen. I could talk to her about anything, and she never judged me. I was never afraid to ask her something, tell her something. She could always make me laugh – I inherited her sense of humor, which is very sarcastic and a good bit twisted. I also  remember how well she could cook. Oh gosh, her food was amazing!



Me & my baby girl, Vikki. I was born in 1990, in Tampa, Florida. Vikki (yes,named after my Momma) was born in 2009, in Dade City, Florida. I was young when I became a mother, but there is nothing like it in the world. From the second I saw her, I knew a love like only a mother can.

What about your direct maternal line? Where did you come from? What awesome mothers came before you? Let me know! Feel free to share pictures!


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