NEW RELEASE!!! Great Strides (Growing Roots Series, Volume 3) by Chelsea Falin

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The long-awaited third volume of the Growing Roots Series is finally here! Here is what people are saying about the book thus far!

“I really enjoyed the overall story line.”

“his series is just amazing, one that you cant put down and when the book ends, you are left craving the next in the series!!!”

“I love this series, & feel like I have grown up with Willie.”

“This series gets better with every book and I cant wait for #4!”


Willie has finally found her father, and he’s welcomed her with open arms. Now she must forge a relationship with the man she never even knew was alive. It isn’t just him, however, Willie must also find out how she fits in with her step-mother and half-siblings. Left in Alabama with no close-in-age peers, Willie makes great strides in finding out who she is as an individual without a group of close friends to rely on.

Alabama offers many firsts for Willie. The most notable in her own mind is her first relationship. There are other firsts in store, however, and a whole new cast of characters to get to know. How will Willie handle this newest experience? Will she handle it in the mature the way she has always handled change? Or will this be the point in which Willie loses herself?

“Genetics are a tricky business at times, and you just never know what you’re going to get when you throw two ancestry’s together.”
-Willie’s Mamaw

Sneak Peek

Nash showed up at four o’clock on the dot the next day. His timing was impeccable. After saying a courteous but brief hello to the family, he showed me outside to a beat up little red car. He opened the passenger side door for me. After I had gotten in, he climbed into the driver’s side. Smiling impishly at me, he said, “Sorry it’s not much, you know.”

I smiled and responded quietly, “It’s fine.”

He smiled broader, and looked over for a moment before putting the car into gear to back out of the driveway. Once we were actually on the road he asked “Was there anything in particular you wanted to see?” I shook my head no. Showing a small amount of nerves, he said, “Well, I thought maybe we could park downtown and walk Main Street. If you wanted, maybe we could get a bite to eat? My treat.”

“Sure, that sounds fine.” I answered shyly. I was feeling just a little awkward because it was obvious by the way he was acting that Nash was, well, interested in me in a way that was more than just being friends. Oh, I didn’t mind of course, but it was something very new to me. I had to admit to myself the open, honest attention he was showing me was nice. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. He was a fairly simple, straight-forward person, much unlike those I had left behind in Oklahoma. Oh, I still liked Spike and I missed all of the guys, but he had told me to go find someone else, hadn’t he?

When we got downtown, Nash parked his little red car in a general parking lot. After opening my door for me, he walked by my side down the main street in town. We looked at antique shops, diners, grocers, ice cream shops, coffee shops, and a number of other things. The town was exactly what I thought an old fashioned downtown should look like. There were a large number of these ‘historical downtown’ areas in Florida, and the effect was that I experienced a strange familiarity in this unknown town. After walking for quite some time, Nash and I stopped at a small park to sit on one of the benches.

“Do you have many friends?” I asked, trying to become an active part of our nonstop conversation. Until that moment, Nash had been making the vast majority of the effort.

Nash shook his head. “Not really. I suppose I’m mostly a loner.”

“Really? But you seem to outgoing!” I exclaimed.

He laughed softly. “That’s mostly for show, I suppose. You actually make me pretty nervous.”

“Oh? Why?” I couldn’t image why I would make anyone nervous, especially not someone twice my size.

Smiling, Nash quietly said, “I guess girls just naturally make me nervous, especially those as beautiful as you.” I blushed. He grinned. After a few moments, he asked, “Do you have many friends?”

“In Oklahoma.” I answered.

“Oh? Tell me about them.” Nash leaned back against the bench, quietly content to listen to me speak about myself for a while.

I shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know….” After a short pause, I went on to tell him of my cousins, the rest of the guys, Deanna, and Mercedes. I hadn’t been gone from them for but a few days and already speaking of them caused a strong wave of longing to crash over me. Perhaps that was one of the downfalls of being part of such a tight knit group, or maybe that was just me being clingy. I wasn’t sure.

Nash asked polite questions about my friends, filling me in on his few friends as we went. The conversation turned after a while and we began talking about our families. It was interesting how different we were in this regard as well. He was an only child of middle class parents. His father was an only child, and his mother was one of three children. His mother’s older brother was married but had no children. His mother’s younger sister was married with four children. With my eclectic living situation and extremely extended family, our lives made a stark contrast.

Out of the blue Nash asked, “You like your friend, Spike, don’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

He smiled halfheartedly before looking down at his feet. “You know what I mean.”

“Oh… well, kind of I guess. But he made it clear before I left that he didn’t want anything to do with me like that… for now, anyways. The exact details are confusing, but the end result is clear.” I frowned, thinking back to the conversation I had with Spike not all that long ago.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t my business to ask, anyways.”

“No, it’s fine. I’m a pretty open person, actually. There isn’t much that bothers me anymore.”

“So, do you have… well, someone back home?”


He snorted. “You know what I mean.”

“Oh. No, nothing like that. I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything.” I emphasized the word ‘never’ with the result being a slightly over dramatized effect.

“Really? I find that very hard to believe.” Nash’s raised eyebrows and wide eyes confirmed his disbelief.

“Why is that?”

“Well, you’re just so… likeable. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, a beautiful personality, and well… you’re just plain beautiful. I can’t see why guys wouldn’t be begging for your attention.”

Blushing yet again, a bit more fiercely this time, I shrugged. “Well, I guess that’s because I’ve just always been one of the guys, you know? It’s hard to faun over someone you think of like that.”

Nash smiled. “Yeah, I can imagine it would be.” He paused again. “So, have you ever been out on a real date?” I shook my head to let him know I hadn’t. “Would you like to?”

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