What To Expect From Me In The Upcoming Year

If things work out well, I have a lot of titles which will come out this year. Most of them are either half-finished or finished and yet need editing. I just haven’t had time to finish them up. So… what can you expect for me to come out with in 2014? Check It Out:


1. Great Strides (Growing Roots, Volume 3)
Genre: Coming of Age/Young Adult Fiction
Estimated Release: June 2014

2. Poor Florida Cracker
Genre: Young Adult Fiction/Coming of Age
Estimated Release: July 2014

Other Titles

1. How To Make Money At Home As A Freelance Writer
Genre: Technical/How-To
Estimated Release: April 2014

2. Healthy Southern Recipes
Genre: Cookbook
Estimated Release: May 2014

3. Invaluable Information For Freelance Writers
Genre: Technical/How-to
Estimated Release: August 2014

4. The Freelance Writer’s Guide To Writing Types & Formats
Genre: Technical/How-to
Estimated Release: October 2014

In addition to the above listed titles, I also have a secret series in store for y’all. The first two or three in this series should also release this year. I’m not going to give any details on this one yet, but you can expect the first one to debut around June of 2014.




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