10 Great Writing Memes

Everyone loves a good meme, and I felt that there just weren’t enough about writing! So, over time, I’ve developed a few myself using an online meme generator. It’s nothing serious, but it might be a good for a few laughs. Who among us couldn’t use a good laugh, after all? So, without further ado, here are 10 great writing memes. Enjoy!

1. Insane, Or A Writer?


Okay, tell me I’m not the only one who has questioned my sanity at one point or another. I mean, all of those voices in our heads! Are they really our characters,developed by a wonderfully active imagination? Or are they personalities created by an unstable psyche? Makes you think, doesn’t it.

2. Writing Isn’t A Real Job?


Oh yes, I just love hearing how the job I work at for countless hour each day for nearly no money whatsoever isn’t a real job. Isn’t that the highlight of your day, too?

3. Writing For The Money…


This is the best. I mean, I’ve only heard one or two say that they went into writing for the money, but I couldn’t help to giggle. If only people knew just how much you have to love writing… because frankly, my dear, the pay is awful. lol.

4. One Does Not Simply…

6juoyNo, one simply does not. Once a writer, always a writer. When a writer stops writing, the results are bad. After all, writing is what keeps most of sane.

5. Author Problems #1

6juvfCome on, who’s with me? After a really long writing sprint it’s so hard to remove ourselves from the world we were just penning. After that, who knows what the real world actually looks like?

6. Author Problems #2

indexIt’s sad, right? But we all know it has to be done if our story is going to move forward. Heartbreaking, but necessary.

7. Author Problems #3

index2Yupp, and people grow tired of listening. But, I mean, we just created a whole new world! Why do people get bored of hearing about such a great accomplishment so quickly? I mean, we only mentioned if about a million times, right?

8. Author Problems #4

index3Did I? Oh gosh, what was I thinking? How could I have made such a stupid error? Let the self loathing begin!

9. Inflated Confidence

1On one side of the spectrum….

10. Self Loathing

2…and on the other side of the spectrum.

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