20 Ordinary Ways & Places To Find Inspiration

Every writer finds themselves in an inspirational rut once in a while. When the ideas stop flowing freely, you may be lost as to where you might find some. It isn’t as difficult as so many seem to believe. In fact, it is quite easy to find inspiration if you just open your eyes and use a little common sense. Here are twenty ordinary ways and places to find inspiration to get you starter:

  1. Take A Car Ride- Observe the scenery you pass by. It may give you inspiration for your next book’s setting.
  2. Spend A Few Minutes Conversing With A Child- Talking a child offers you an entirely new view on life. This is a wonderful way to find inspiration for your next title.
  3. Read A Book- While copying is wrong, finding inspiration in what another has wrote is not. So kick back and enjoy a book if you’re stuck!
  4. Go To A Museum or Art Gallery- Imagine what the people in the art are doing, and where the items or places might be. You can find a lot of inspiration this way.
  5. Read Your Old Journals- If you keep journals, read through them! You’ll probably be amazed at just how different you were then. This might prompt some new ideas.
  6. Take A Hike- Enjoying the beauty of nature is a wonderful way to find inspiration!
  7. Watch A Movie- Movies can evoke strong emotions in people, and strong emotions make for great stories!
  8. Go See A Play- Works much the same way as reading a book or watching a movie.
  9. Lay In Bed & Daydream– Let your mind wander free! Don’t try to think of anything in particular, and there is a good chance the ideas will come flowing in!
  10. Dreams– Keeping a dream diary can serve as an awesome little booklet of ideas to look through!
  11. People Watching– Honestly, this is one of my favorite past times. You can get great character ideas from people watching!
  12. A Trip To The Mall– Look through the stores, watching the people, take a look at the advertisements, and you are sure to find some inspiration!
  13. Converse With A Stranger- Strangers, like children, offer a new perspective on things. Sometimes this is all a writer really needs.
  14. Speak To Your Eldest Living Relative- Your eldest relative is a literal goldmine of inspiration! They have seen so much, been through so much, and chances are high they don’t mind sharing it with you either.
  15. Random Google Searches- If you have an idea of what type of book you’d like to write, do some random Google searches to come up with ideas.
  16. Past Experiences- Think back on your own past experiences. You may remember something you hadn’t thought of recently, and this could prompt new ideas.
  17. Advertisement-Commercials, billboards, flyers, and more can offer great means of inspiration.
  18. Take A Roadtrip- Got the funds? Take a road trip. Getting outside of your natural environment can really help to get the creative juices flowing.
  19. Forget The Roadtrip…Take A New Way To Work or the Store- Don’t have the funds for a road trip? Take a new route to work or the store. The idea is to just get away from your routine.
  20. Play A Game- Playing games are fun and can get your mind off being frustrated. This can help drastically.

These twenty ordinary ways and places to find inspiration are within every person’s easy grasp. If you’re stuck, give one of them a try! You won’t be disappointed!

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