4 More Simple Tips To Boost Book Sales

Yesterday I shared with you four simple tips to help boost book sales. Today I am going to share with you four more tips which have worked for me. Along with those I shared yesterday these simple, inexpensive tips can work together to greatly boost your book sales.

1. Blog Tours & Cover Reveals

Cover reveals are exactly what they sound like: they are a type of promotion in which you reveal the cover for your upcoming title. Blog tours typically take place between one week prior to release and one week after release, although they may happen at an earlier or later time depending upon the personal preferences of the author. A blog tour typically serves the purpose of gaining hype about your new or upcoming release. They may contain a wide assortment of information, but the most basic information included is a cover image, excerpt, links to purchase (or pre-order), and an author bio (with or without picture). Most blog tours also include a giveaway and an extra promotional picture for appealing design purposes.

Although many people hire blog tour companies (who design and execute your campaign for a cost), you can easily do this yourself. If you don’t have the time there are many affordable companies who will host a decent blog tour or cover reveal for under $100. I have always hosted my own, but I have the time for that sort of thing and recognize others may not. Either way you execute your blog tour or cover reveal it can help you to drastically improve your book sales. My first blog tour boosted my sales by 500%. My second was not as successful but still managed to boost sales by about 50%. Admittedly my second tour was also less than a quarter of the size of my first one due to my own time constraints.

2. Rafflecopter Giveaways

These giveaways prompt a lot of engagement- I mean, your readers are getting a chance to win free stuff and who doesn’t like free stuff? In addition to the primary purpose of engagement, these giveaways also serve two secondary purposes. The second is that it is likely to boost book sales because it is boosting hype about you and your books. The third is that it can expand your primary reach if done correctly.

When you set up a giveaway on Rafflecopter you will be setting things people can do in order to enter the content. Most commonly this includes liking Facebook pages and following accounts on Twitter. You can also have them sign up for your blog, leave a blog comment, answer a poll, like something on Amazon, purchase one of your books, or leave an (honest) review. You get more engagement and your readers get the chance to win something for free.

3. Offer Review Copies

Reviews are a huge part of whether or not your book is going to sell. You need reviews to sell books but people have to read your book in order to leave a review. It might feel like a never ending circle, but offering review copies can help to gain a bit of momentum. Ask friends, family, co-workers, and loyal followers if they would be interested in reviewing your book on a few of the main review sites (Amazon and Goodreads are probably the most important) in return for a free copy of the book. Always stress that their reviews should be honest- people lying will not help you one iota. Also remember that not everyone will end up posting a review. That’s just life. For example, I have sent out over 50 review copies of my newest title and have, thus far, only received back 15 reviews. Instead of getting upset that I don’t have more, I’m simply thankful for those that I do have. Those 15 simple reviews have helped to boost my sales a little bit- not drastically, but enough that I have noticed.

4. Join Other Giveaways & Promotions Going On In The Community

Many authors, bloggers, and service companies (editing, formatting, design, etc.) host giveaways containing multiple authors. These are fantastic because they bring in fans and followers from each of the authors involved. Let’s say, theoretically, that every author involved in a given giveaway has 500 fans. There are ten authors involved. Obviously not all of their fans are going to enter the giveaway, but let’s say that half of them do. That’s 250 fans from each author. Not including your own fans, you have brought in 2,250 new fans, followers, or likes. Do you see how beneficial this can be? Once you grow a larger following you can host your own giveaways and invite other authors to participate.

These four more tips for boosting book sales, along with those we discussed yesterday, can greatly help boost book sales. These tips are inexpensive enough that everyone can do them without fear of breaking the bank. Want more information about marketing? Check out these posts for additional information:

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