4 Simple Tips To Boost Book Sales


While I may not be a best selling author, I have been seeing some rather drastic increases in my book sales. Not only have they been increasing, but I have been doing every stitch of marketing on my own. I do not have a marketing team, and I do not have tons of money to spend. I’m sure there are numerous authors out there just like me, and it is for this reason that I decided to share these simple tips with you. I hope they help!

1. Facebook Groups

There are dozens of Facebook Groups which can greatly benefit your quest to boost book sales. First and foremost there are those which allow you to promote your book. I’ve found that using a promotional picture with links in the comments section is best, but you don’t have to use promotional pictures. You can simply post a short excerpt from your title, along with links. If you have enough high-ranking reviews, you may want to post that as well. For example, if your book has 50 reviews and is rated a 4.5, you may want to put that in your little post. Other groups you may want to join include those based around marketing advice and those where you are allowed to promote your Facebook pages. You should be posting promotional information on your title between one and six times each week. Just don’t spam any particular pages as this can backfire.

2. Blogging

A blog is an invaluable resource if you are trying to increase sales. You can have your book linked in the sidebar, and you can occasionally advertise your book in your posts. Remember to never hard sell on your blog. People just don’t like it. Instead, use a wide ranging mixture of posts and throw in the occasional one about your own book(s) with an excerpt, cover image, and links to purchase. Don’t just post “Buy this! Buy this! Buy this!” Chances are, if you are constantly telling people to buy your book, they aren’t going to.

3. Join With Other Authors & Bloggers

This one is simple. Reach out to other authors. Reach out to book bloggers. Ask them if they would like to exchange shares or guest blogs. Most people are probably going to say yes. Yes, of course there will be a few who say no. If someone declines your invitation, don’t feel bad. You might not be a fit for their audience or they may simply not have the extra time of day. No big deal. Just move forward. You will find that other authors and book bloggers are your greatest alliances. Use them to your utmost advantage, and allow them to use you in the same manner. Share, and share alike.

4. Engage & Excite, Don’t Just Sell

Here is a big one. You don’t want to just sell to people- you want to engage and excite them. All types of engagement are good ones. On your blog you can have polls, questions, quizzes, and plenty of useful information for your followers. On your Facebook you can host games, offer information, and word posts in such a way that your followers are likely to comment. Remember that it doesn’t end when you throw your work out there, however. You need to actively and personally engage with your audience as much as possible. Like their posts and comment back as much as possible. It shows them that you actually care about what they have to say. The more they know that you actually care, the more likely they are to return to your blog, website, or social media websites.

If you liked these tips make sure you come back tomorrow, when I’ll be posting my final four tips on boosting book sales! In the meantime, you can check out these other articles which may help you out in your marketing endeavors:

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