A Very Basic HTML Guide

Anyone who runs around on the internet should know some very basic HTML. Especially if you have a blog or website. I get asked about it sometimes, so I figured I’d share a little bit here.

Word Links

<a href=”link”>write what you want the link to say here</a>

Picture Links

<a href=”link”><picture link/hosting address></a>


<h1>Header 1</h1>
<h2>Header 2</h2>
<h3>Header 3</h3>
<h4>Header 4</h4>
<h5>Header 5</h5>
<h6>Header 6</h6>


<s>strike through</s>
&hearts;                           Makes hearts
&spades;                          Makes spades
&clubs;                             Makes clubs
&diamonds;                      Makes diamonds

I’ll be posting more information in the weeks to follow for anyone else who may be interested in learning some more complex HTML. I’m not an expert by any means, but my extensive work as a freelance article and blog writer has given me a decent sense of HTML, so I know a little more than the basics. I encourage anyone who does anything with the internet at all to learn at least these basics and a few of the more advanced information. Seriously. I’m out! 😉


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