One of Those Days…

Have you ever had one of those days where the fates seemed to be conspiring against you? It feels like today is one of those for me. Allow me to explain…. (Caution: May Contain Personal Matter That May Possibly Offend Some People…)

Okay, three days ago I started. (Gasp! Did she just proclaim that to the world?) Yes, I just proclaimed that to the world because it’s relevant. When this terrible thing happens, my iron levels drop more, which causes me to have a severe headache and aching muscles in addition to all of those other things which go with it…cramps, bloating, nausea, irritability, and the need to generally bite someone’s head off. For me, these issues last about four to five days. So today, being day three, I’m still having some of the problems. But that’s not all!

Yesterday my allergies flared up…bad. One second I’m just sitting down, breathing all normal, and the next my nose is stuffed, my ears hurt, and I have the worst sinus headache (on top of my low iron & TMJ headaches) that I actually think about curling up in a ball and crying. Today, they aren’t as bad, but my throat is KILLING me. I obviously snored last night (attractive, right?) so my throat is dry, my lips are dry, and I look like something that crawled out from under a rock.

PLUS my daughter’s allergies were really bad, so I had her sleep in bed with me. This contributed to a pulsing back and neck ache as my little four year old took up the whole bed and kicked me repeatedly throughout the night.

So then I DRAG myself out of bed, make some coffee, and plop down in front of the computer to get some work done. (I work from the time I wake up until 2 pm every Monday-and work six days a week now). Just to find that one of my articles has been sent back because apparently it is biased, rude, and generally makes me look like a puffed-up, I’m-better-than-everyone-else-and-hate-all-minorities kind of person. Really? I didn’t even put my own opinion on the article! So I now have to rewrite that whole thing…and seeing as I was already irritated, it didn’t bode well with me. I mean, sure, I understand 99.9% of the time where my editors are coming from, but this time I just felt like I was being out-and-out attacked. Will I say anything about it? No way…the job is just too important.

So I sit here…grumpy, cramping, stuffed-nosed, sore, irritated, and with a pulsing headache, in my PJ’s because I’m too lazy to get dressed…and I wonder if the fates really are conspiring against me? No, I know they really aren’t, but it sure feels like. I’m just going to plaster a smile on my face now that I’ve finished ranting to the web-verse, and finish my work like a good little employee.

Rant over 😀


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