Friday the 13th Adventure- Clinton Road


Yesterday was Friday the 13th, so a few friends of mine and myself decided to have a bit of an adventure. The plan was to drive down Clinton Road, on Friday the 13th, at just about midnight. The plan was a good one, although it wasn’t the frightening thrill we were looking for- the area, however, is absolutely gorgeous and just a little bit creepy.


What is the big deal about Clinton Road? Well, this long desolate stretch of nothingness is located in West Milford, Passiac County, New Jersey. There are a lot and I do mean a LOT of creepy things that are supposed to go on up there. My step dad actually grew up in the area and testified to a few of the local legends being true, saying he experienced a few strange things himself. Well, amongst other things, there are supposed to be Satanists who practice at the remains of Cross Castle, just off the road and into the woods. Strange hybrid animals are supposed to be the result of the old Jungle Habitat closing down and releasing their wild animals out into the woods. An albino village is supposed to be located somewhere in the woods, and the KKK is supposed to be very active in the woods. There’s also two ghostly vehicle stories. One involves a phantom camaro driven by a young girl who died on Dead Man’s Curve. Another is supposed to be a phantom pick up truck that will speed up behind you only to disappear right before it hits you. A little boy is supposed to throw your quarters back at you from the bridge on Dead Man’s Curve, and a thousand other stories manifest themselves in this area. For more information on the haunts and such said to happen around this place, you can check out the following links:


It was myself, my husband, and two of our good friends (Chris, and Kenny) who took the trip. Seeing as Clinton Road is at the very north point of New Jersey and we are pretty far down at the bottom of the state, it took us just over three hours to reach the road. The drive up didn’t seem to take that long, but the drive home seemed to stretch on forever.

(L-R) Chris, Kenny, Myself, Bobby

(L-R) Chris, Kenny, Myself, Bobby


Once we actually turned onto the infamous Clinton Road we were filled with excitement. Not seconds after turning onto the road we had an odd but not necessarily frightening experience. A strange gray animal ran across our path, which was one of two things, depending on which of the four of us you ask:

  1. A gray fox with it’s tail between it’s legs, or
  2. A nearly bald fox-like animal with no tail

Either way it turns out, it was interesting, though like I said, not frightening. I didn’t manage to get a picture, but we were more concerned about not hitting it. We did, later, almost hit a red fox but managed not to (thankfully!). We ran across some stupid kids walking down the road, dressed all in black, with flashlights. We ran across them again later hiding beside the side of the road. The road is certainly creepy, of that there is no doubt, but we didn’t run into any phantoms or anything. I did take a lot of picture, and the pictures did show a few cool things.


There were four pictures which were interesting. Two pictures feature really bright orbs. I’m not a believer in orbs, but the fact that these two are bright, moving, and are NOT the moon (verified in person), I thought they were pretty darn cool anyways. The third picture features two strange light things. One is featured over my face, and the other is by my friend Chris’s hand. Both are in the shape of an M, and in different colors. There’s no reason for them to be there, and I’ve tried to explain them away. Anyone want to offer up a suggestion as to what caused them? The last picture shows what definitely looks like a face. Can you see it too? If you can, let me know what you think!

Clinton Road 032

Small Orb

Clinton Road 046

Orb #2

Clinton Road 013

Weird M’s on my face and Chris’s hand. Anyone have any ideas what they could be? (Natural or Supernatural)


Looks like a face. Can you see it?


Well, the pictures are interesting and the road is creepy. It’s also very beautiful at the same time, and just about any desolate road can be creepy when traveled late at night- especially one without lights or anything like this one. I say it’s undetermined as of right now whether it is haunted in my own opinion. I’ll give you an update after my second trip up, which will be made with my step dad. 🙂


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