Why Have I Been On Hiatus?

I’m assuming that most of you know by now that I have been on hiatus…or at least partial hiatus. A blog post here or there, and a Facebook or Twitter post here or there, but I haven’t really been doing what I used to do. The release of my last book was also postponed, and the blog tour was cancelled. Why is this? Well, there are three reasons, actually, and I figured that while I had a few moments of time I would go ahead and explain it to all of you lovely readers. Here goes…

First and foremost is that my life has been rather busy. In addition to my usual cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. my daughter is now signed up for dance class, and I have taken on a larger work load. For those of you who don’t know, I work as a freelance writer for a living. Previously, I was only working between five and fifteen hours each week. While I make fairly decent money for what I do, I decided I needed to make a bit more money because my husband and I are trying to save up for a house. So, instead of the work I had previously been doing, I took on another job and am now working anywhere between 20 and 40 hours each week. This takes up a considerable amount of my time, especially when you consider what my next two reasons are, but it’s what is best for my family and myself.

Reason number two is mental. A lot of you have followed along through the anxiety-related problems I have recently been facing. Just a few months ago, when the panic attacks and generalized anxiety were at their worst,I was in a constant state of fear…no, dread. I was having as many as two or three panic attacks each and every day. When my hormones went out of whack (ladies, you know what I mean) I would have as many as FIVE panic attacks in any given day. I wasn’t living life anymore, and I felt that there was nothing I could do to regain control of my life. Then a very wise friend of mine told me that what I needed to do was step back from things. She said that I was doing too much, stretching myself too thin. I fought against that advice for a short bit because I am one of those “I can do everything” types of people. But gradually I began to implement this into my life. First, I took a step back from a lot of unnecessary responsibilities I had in my real life. When it still wasn’t enough, I knew my blogging would have to be put on a back burner, and soon to follow this step would be to put my own writing on the back burner. I feel so much better. The panic attacks come only once every week or less. Sometimes I only have one a month. The panic attacks are, of course, worse during that hormonal time but even then, it’s less panic attacks and more generalized anxiety, which is much easier for me to deal with. So, for the sake of my mental health, I’m going to keep things to a minimum. I’ll have some things on the blog, but mostly for good friends. I have opened my blog up to anyone who would like to use it for promotional posting purposes, however, so if you want to be able to have access to the blog for posting such things, please just let me know.

The third and final reason is my physical health. After overcoming the iron deficiency anemia, and bringing my levels back up, I was told I could stop taking my iron supplements. I was doing at least twice as good as I was before, for a few months. Then, out of nowhere, these crazy symptoms popped up again. On a hospital trip for enlarged neck glands, they found out my iron was once again low. This time, in fact, it was worse, because not only was my iron low, but my total Red Blood Count was just about to drop off the normal levels, as were my sodium and potassium levels. Obviously, this isn’t good, and it definitely explains why I’ve been feeling so crappy here of late. So, right now I have been put back on my iron supplements. I’m also supposed to ensure I get 100% sodium and 150% potassium each day. It’s harder then it seems, actually, because I have to balance everything out. The iron supplements take care of that, but I try to opt for iron-rich foods to speed up the process. I have to be careful to not eat more than 100% daily iron each day in addition to the supplements, however, because that can be dangerous. Sodium can only be 100% (125% maximum) because it can be bad for your heart in excess, and can make you nauseous. The potassium has to stay between 150% and 175%, because again, I don’t want to overdo it but I definitely need to build up my levels. In fact, the ‘goal’ right now is to bring my iron up 1.8 to 3 points and see how I feel (I would be in the low normal ranges then); my potassium needs to come up at least .5 points, but we’re shooting for 1 point; my sodium needs to come up 1 to 3 points. My RBC should follow. This sounds easy, right? It doesn’t sound as though I have a lot to bring up, right? Well, I hate to break it to you but it took me three months last time to bring my iron up just 1 point. My best guess is that I’ll have my iron up in about half a year. My sodium and potassium should be up within the next three months. Since the Red Blood Cell count follows all of this, I guess I’ll see some improvement in the next 3 to 6 months, and better improvement between 6 months and a year. In the meantime? I’m exhausted, sore, and suffer from a consistent headache, amongst other things.

I know, I know, I’m rambling. I just wanted to give you a very good idea of where I’m at right now, and why I’ve appeared to drop off the face of the planet. I’m still working on finishing my latest novel when I have free time, but right now the release date is set at November 1st. So I hope everyone understands and forgives me for my hiatus. I’ll keep checking in, and on Friday I have a special promo post so be sure to check in then 🙂


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