The Shopping List- What’s On Yours?

shopping list

I was thinking about it, and I realized that a person’s shopping list can actually tell you a lot about a person. Now, obviously we all have to buy the necessities- toilet paper and the like- but food is something that is sure to vary from person to person. So, I was wondering…what food and drink items are always on your shopping list? You know, what are those items that you buy every week, two weeks, or month- depending on how often you do your food shopping. We do ours every other week, with a quick stop or two in the between if we run out of something. So what’s on my shopping list every single trip? Quite a few things, actually. Here they are:

  • Adam & Eve’s 100% Juice 36 Variety Pack. My daughter loves her juice, and this fantastic brand has no added sugar, so it doesn’t make her hyper or give her a bunch of unnecessary calories. In fact, my husband and I have been known to grab a juice box or two. The variety packs include three flavors: fruit punch, very berry, and apple. We sometimes grab a small 12 pack of the cranberry juice as well.
  • One gallon of Vanilla Almond Milk and a half gallon of Original Almond Milk. Since my daughter is allergic to milk protein, it’s a necessary. The Vanilla is for drinking and cereal, while I use the Original for cooking purposes. It’s delicious stuff.
  • 100% Goat’s Milk Feta Cheese.
  • 1 bag of non-dairy, gluten-free cheese. Again, since my daughter’s allergic to milk. This stuff costs a fortune, but since my daughter loves cheese, we buy her one bag each pay check to add into casseroles and stuff so she doesn’t feel left out.
  • Old Fashioned Grits.
  • Coffee Mate Hazelnut Coffee Creamer. This is my indulgence. I have it with my coffee every morning and is one thing I don’t deny myself, although I deny myself things like soda and candy.
  • Maxwell House Coffee. We buy two at a time of the big containers. We drink a lot of coffee in this house. Sometimes I like to buy it in bulk when it’s on sale since we drink so much of it. Actually, I went to Wal Mart a few months ago and their coffee is usually $2 cheaper than when we buy it at our local grocery store. So, I decided I was going to buy a few while I was there when I saw that it was on sale- $2 off! So, since I was saving $4, I went ahead and bought four of them. haha!
  • Bottled Water. We buy the generic brand, and we buy a lot. Our water is fine here, but it’s not okay for drinking- just cooking and showering. Since both my step dad and I drink at least four or five bottles a day, and my husband  and daughter drink at least one or two, we go through a lot. We buy four or five 18 packs at a time.
  • Fresh Tomatoes. We eat sliced tomatoes at least two or three times a week with our suppers.
  • Applesauce. Applesauce is another thing we eat with at least two or three meals a week, particularly when we eat pork chops.
  • Egg Noodles.
  • Rice- either white or yellow or both, depending on what’s on sale and what I feel like.

That’s all that I make sure to get every week. Otherwise, the meat and veggies that we buy vary from check to check so we get a well rounded diet. What’s always on  your shopping list? Tell me! I want to know!


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