Interview with Rhonda Louise!!!

Today I have the distinct honor of hosting an interview with Rhonda Louise. Rhonda is the author of the quirky, unique book, “Wombat Sushi,” and she was a true thrill to interview. Her writing is a perfect example, in my humble opinion, of her sarcastic, witty personality. Thanks for allowing me to  interview you today, Rhonda!

15948748Where on earth did you come up with the idea for Wombat Sushi?

Back in the dark ages when I was in my early twenties I was a dancer and I went to Japan. But the book is fictional and any similarity to fact is entirely coincidental and I cannot be sued for it.

Are you a dancer like the girls in your book? Or is it just something you fancy?

Not any more. Now I am a SAHM (stay at home mum). Actually I’m a SAHMWWPT – a stay at home mum who works part time.

Your book is extremely sarcastic. Do you think you share this quality?

Absolutely definitely not, no way, not at all, nada, zip, zilch.
Ok, maybe a tiny bit.

So, without giving too much away, I’d like to ask how you came up with the ending? It goes from one extreme to the next. Did you plan it out this way or did it simply happen that way?

The original ending had all the girls living happily ever after. I asked my best friend to read it and she had no criticisms. But her boyfriend also read it and said it was too cheesy. Actually he said “I like cheese but that ending was a triple cheese burger with extra cheese, cheese relish and a pickle which isn’t actually a pickle but a piece of cheese”.
Or words to that effect.

Which one of your supportive characters would you like to spend the day with? Which one do you think you most dislike if they were a real person?

I would like to spend the day with Roberto, for obvious reasons. Actually I would just like to spend the night with Roberto.
Annabella is a great character but I think in real life I would be hard pressed not to punch her in the nose. And I’m a Buddhist.

Which one of your interesting, unique, zany characters do you think you are personally more like?

Walnut – the shriveled up, beaten down dogs body of an old man.

Have you visited Australia and Japan? Or were your facts based off of research?

I am Australian. I live in England where I moved because my husband basically lied about how long we would stay here before moving back to Australia.

When can readers expect a follow up book?

I am currently writing the sequel called Wombat Pudding but it is fighting me: I think I have it in a headlock but I know that any moment now I am going to find myself face down on the carpet.

Do you have any music you listen to when you are writing? Or do you prefer to do it in silence?

I prefer to write in silence, but what I actually write in is a cacophony of my attention-deficit toddler and my musician husband trying to out-screech each other.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

Writing Wombat Sushi is something I will always look back on with pride.
Getting married and becoming a mummy are things I didn’t think I would do.
Getting a first for my Law degree is something I did not enjoy but I am proud of.
Wandering around the world, often on my own takes some big cahones.
Never getting myself arrested is a pretty big one.

Do you have a job outside of writing?

I am sad to say that I am part of the legal profession and although for some time now I have been trying to abandon it, I keep getting sucked back in.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Just write for the joy of it. If you get published or make money or gain recognition then let it be a bonus. And don’t listen to advice from aspiring authors.

What do you do when you get writers block?

Let me just go and make a cup of tea while I think about the answer to this one.
And I might just get myself a biscuit.
Or two …

How to deal with bad, nonconstructive criticism? What advice would you give to other authors on dealing with it?

Treat both criticism and praise alike – don’t become emotionally invested in either. Take from it what is useful and then move on. [Except when you get five stars from Chelsea Falin – then you have my blessing to dance on the ceiling]

Where and when do you think you get the best writing done?

When I am not allowed to distract myself – when the tea caddy is empty and the biscuit shelf is bare.

How long did it take you write this book?

It took ages – several years in fact. I am a very lazy person.

Did you run into any snags? Parts of the book where you weren’t sure where to go from there?

No, this book pretty much rolled itself out as I went. I edited as I went so the second and third drafts were just tidy ups.
I am finding that sequel is the opposite. I wrote the skeleton for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and now I am going backwards and trying to fill in the gaps. The first way is much much easier, but happens rarely.

Why did you decide to write in this specific genre? What makes it special for you?

I write what comes out of me, which is flippant, funny, boy-definitely-does-not-get-girl chick lit.

If you could change something now, would you?

NO! The advantage of self-publishing is that you can tweak and change as often as you like. But at some point you have to draw a line in the sand and say “this is it, world”.

Is this book part of a series? If yes, then how many books can readers expect?

Ideally it is part of a series of four books, but this depends entirely on the readers and the interest.

Who do you think would post enjoy this book?/Who do you believe your target readers are?

I would have thought 18 to 45 year old women, but a 45 year old man from Yorkshire read it and emailed me to say he was embarrassed by how much he enjoyed the book!

Do you have a favorite quote from this book? What is it?

The choreographer has just explained to the girls what the Japanese management is expecting from them. If they refuse they will be sent home to Australia.

“We look around the room at each other, all of us mentally calculating the likelihood of management-compliant yaya exposure.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers about your book?

I would be very happy if you bought it, and I would be ecstatic if you told your friends to buy it.

You can check Rhonda Louise out on Facebook


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