Teaser Tuesday!

So, I know that a lot of authors do the whole “Teaser Tuesday” thing, where they share a little bit out of their WIP (Work In Progress), and I’m going to start doing that also. I think it’s a wonderful way to keep the readers involved in the writing process. I’m not really sure how much other authors share, but I’ll share the last ten sentences I wrote each Tuesday. Thus far, I have 33,138 words written. I haven’t shared the name of this work yet, but here are the last ten sentences I wrote:


It was a cute sight, and I silently wished for a digital camera so that I could capture the moment. I would have to get myself one of those eventually.

Supper was delicious. Aunt Debbie had made a huge pot roast. The sides were numerous: mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli with cheese, green beans, mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, and home made biscuits. For dessert, we had a choice of carrot cake or pecan pie, and there were even peanut butter cookies for the kids. The conversation was light, but constant. The company was amazing. It was a lovely supper, and I was thankful for being invited. Once we were finished eating, everyone sat around in the living room making small talk and drinking coffee for a few hours.

I know that doesn’t really give you much, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! Head back my way next Tuesday for another sneak peek! I’m getting a lot of work done in a short period of time with this book! I only began writing it less than a week ago,and I’m already one third of the way through!


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