The Conductor:Exodus, by S.R. Torris

Today I am featuring S.R. Torris…I feel like a terrible person because I had set up this post to go live last Sunday, and I failed to check back and see that I had only saved it as a draft. So make sure you give this lovely author a lot of love!!!


Frederick Duval’s presumption that his lover, Jane, is dead sends him on a rampaging mission to destroy every vampire on Earth – of course to do this, he must become one himself.

1857: Hep, a slave, has a dangerous secret he wants to share with one person, Jane. A slave revolt gives him the opportunity to reveal it, damning her forever.

2010: Kaya De LaCroix has been nominated to be a “Conductor” in her fiancé’s coven. Kaya thinks it’s a simple ceremony performed by zealous occultists but her fiancé isn’t a mere vampire nut…

Paths collide and the suspicious Ramel Jackson, carries a secret that ties him directly to – Frederick Duval!

The past comes alive converging on the incident that will forever alter the lives of everyone!

“The Conductor: EXODUS” is the first book in the “The Conductor” vampire trilogy by S.R. Torris. “The Conductor: EXODUS” is currently available on Createspace and Amazon.


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