Vacation Blog #3

Hello again folks! I’ve transferred states yet again! Wednesday I left my sisters house in West Virginia, and headed on my way to Alabama. We made a stop over in Tennessee, specifically in Chattanooga. Here’s us at the first Tennessee welcome center:

WV TN AL 2013 032 WV TN AL 2013 030

We stopped to eat at a Waffle House in Dandridge, Tennessee. Waffle Houses’s are one of the big things I miss. New Jersey doesn’t have them! Of course, all true southerners know that these magnificent diners are not only delicious, they’re also very cheap to! For everything the three of us got (picture below-and it was a lot!) we only paid $28!!!! You’ve got to love that!

WV TN AL 2013 049 WV TN AL 2013 047 WV TN AL 2013 045 WV TN AL 2013 043

We spent about two hours on the road after leaving Dandridge before we reached Chattanooga. We didn’t have time to see everything there since it was really just one of those ‘stop overs.’ We did, however, get to see what’s called ‘The Passage.’ It is a monument and stairs located in the exact spot that the Cherokee tribes began their trek on the Trail of Tears so long ago. Being Native American myself, I found it to be a really interesting experience. The water Boo and I walked through on the staircase is supposed to represent the tears shed by the Natives on the Trail of Tears.

WV TN AL 2013 076 WV TN AL 2013 075 WV TN AL 2013 073 WV TN AL 2013 071 WV TN AL 2013 069 WV TN AL 2013 067 WV TN AL 2013 066 WV TN AL 2013 065

Besides seeing ‘The Passage’ we also went and saw the Chattanooga Pier, walked around the outside of the Aquarium, and meandered our way around the shore of the Tennessee River. The town is rough on the outskirts, but once you get downtown, Chattanooga is absolutely beautiful.

WV TN AL 2013 062 WV TN AL 2013 060 WV TN AL 2013 058 WV TN AL 2013 056 WV TN AL 2013 054 WV TN AL 2013 053

After leaving Chattanooga, we finally made it to our next stop in Alabama. We’re staying with my dear cousin, Gina, in Meridianville, but yesterday we went to visit my Aunt Pat- Gina’s momma. Aunt Pat is 70 years old, and she knows so much family history it’s ridiculous. She took us out to the infamous (for the family anyways) Shelton Cemetery, which sits at the bottom of Shelton Mountain. Just so you know, my momma’s maiden name was Shelton, so yes, it was my family cemetery and the mountain was named after our family to. The tombstone pictures below are of my great grandparents and great-great grandparents.

AL 2013 026 AL 2013 019 AL 2013 011 AL 2013 009

Visiting with Aunt Pat was great. She is actually my Papaw’s first cousin, and I hadn’t seen her since I was ten years old. That was nearly 13 years ago! So obviously this was the first time she met my husband- who she told me she totally approves off (and who she is going to steal- haha!)- and my daughter- who she says is just like me.

AL 2013 035 AL 2013 033

Today we’re going to see our friend, Courtney, and spend the evening visiting with my cousin, Gina. Then tomorrow we will be hitting up Florida, and starting the third leg of our basically four-part journey. As of today, my little family and I have been on the road for 7 days, and we still have 15 days to go! Wish us luck, and I hope that everyone has been enjoying their time as much as I have!



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