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Well, I’m a little bit late on joining, but I have the distinct privilege of being a part of an awesome blog hop just full of amazing authors. These amazing authors may be just a little bit upset with me starting my own blog hop so late…my apologies! Anyways, I though I would share with you a small sneak peek at the novella I released just yesterday called ‘Personal Growth.’

~~**Personal Growth**~~

I sat in my English class, but I wasn’t really paying any attention. We were covering something by Shakespeare, and I had read everything he wrote. There hadn’t been much to do during the late nights when I couldn’t sleep besides read. So, I doodled on my notebook, pretending that I was taking notes. I usually didn’t goof off, but I just couldn’t concentrate today. I hadn’t slept much the night before and today was our last school day before Thanksgiving break.

Still ignoring the teacher, I flipped to a clean page and on a whim, I made out a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before graduating high school. I was surprised by just how many things I wanted to do. When I lived in Florida, I didn’t think about those types of things. I didn’t really have the time for most of them, I suppose. Some of them had been things I had never really had the option of accomplishing.

My list included all sorts of things, from getting my driver’s permit to buying a car, getting a part-time job to finding out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and especially it contained items about learning more about my heritage. Everyone around here took their heritage so seriously. I wanted to know why. What was so special that they could contain such a forceful drive?

Thinking about it, I decided that it wasn’t only the Native Americans I knew. I mean, yes, they took it very seriously. My family practiced a lot of Choctaw ways, and they seemed to know their history and language like the back of their hands. Spike was half Sioux, half Apache. He took his culture so seriously that he would fight people who refused to admit what they believed was wrong. Buck was full blooded Navajo; Dakota was half Navajo, a quarter each Cherokee and Creek. They both took it very seriously. I just didn’t understand why, though. I didn’t really understand what difference a person’s tribe really made, either. I mean, we were all Native American, right? So what did a person’s tribe have to do with anything? I would have to ask someone. I did know that each tribe spoke a different native tongue. Was that it? Was that the only difference?

I was pulled out of my contemplation when the bell rang for second period. I trudged through the rest of my day with my thoughts still on heritage and culture, and why it was so important. Then, in sixth period, a thought suddenly occurred to me. I only knew half of my ancestry. What about my father? What did he donate into the big picture? Moreover, why didn’t he want to see me? Did he even know that I existed? Why didn’t he want to be a part of my life? Then I thought about something else… something I had yet to consider. Maybe Aunt Janie knew.


“Aunt Janie?” I asked, finding her at the kitchen table. She was looking over some papers, which I assumed by the calculator were finances. “Are you busy?”

Aunt Janie looked up. “No, no. I could use a break from this anyways. What is it, sweetie?”

“I was just thinking about a lot of things today.” I wasn’t really sure how to broach the subject of heritage or my father with her.

“Like what?”

“Well, for starters… if you’re three quarters Choctaw, was momma that much to?” Aunt Janie nodded her head to say that it did. “So what does that make me?”

“Three-eighths, I think, from our side.” Aunt Janie answered.

Nodding my head to show I understood, I said “Well… I was wondering something else.” I paused momentarily, pondering how best to ask this question. I finally decided the best way to do it was to just be out with it. “Do you know who my father was?”

Aunt Janie’s face took on a slightly pained expression as though my words caused her a small physical blow. “Your mom never told you who your father was?” I shook my head to answer no but remained silent. “Well, yes, I know who your father is.”


I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek! Make sure you click the link below to enter for your own chance to win an ebook set of the Growing Roots series for yourself!

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