Writing in the Midst of Chaos

This is a spectacular post about trying to juggle being a mother and an author at the same time, with all other responsibilities thrown in. A must read.


Author moms with younger children perform miracles every day, accomplishing feats no one ever expects. Yet, they out put marvelous books that draw the readers into their magical worlds. Today, Audra shares her acrobatic achievements and how she deals with children and writing.

Many writers have a room where they can sequester themselves away in peace and quiet. Where the words of their story can flow from fingertips to key board without interruption. A place where their writing resides.

And then there is me and other authors like me. I don’t have that wonderful writing utopia. Oh I dream of it, imagine what it would be like and even decorate it in my mind.

No, my writing spot is right here in the living room. We don’t have a family room, so this where the bulk of household things happen. It’s where the television is, where the kids are, where the cats and…

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    Feb 22, 2013 @ 20:55:32

    Oh goodness, thanks for letting me know! It must have happened when I changed designs. I’ll go fix that now! Thanks again!


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