Living In My House (Or Is It A Zoo?)

Everywhere all around the world, people live in different homes, in different circumstances. No one’s home is exactly the same, just like the people in it are different from every other person in this world. So what is your house like? I really want to know!

My own house is a bit like a zoo. Over the summer months, it’s much more so, but even during the winter months, it still maintains some amount of extreme hectic-ness. Let’s see… I live in a three bedroom, one bath single family home. We have a big yard- the back yard, maybe about 1/5th-1/4 of an acre, is fenced in. The front yard is even bigger,  since it also encompasses our driveways (one of which is shared with the neighbor to our right), and it probably spans 1/2 an acre or so. The front is not fenced in.

Inside of this house currently lives five people. My husband, myself, and my daughter have the two largest rooms. My step father, who is disabled, rents out our third bedroom. My Uncle Tony is only staying with us in an extremely temporary fashion (maybe another week or so) while he waits for his new place to be move-in ready. My daughter is three, and embodies a tornado.  We have three consistent visitors: my Uncle Mike stops by at least once or twice a week, at an hour or so a visit, to see us. My “brothers” (really, my husband & I’s best friends) stop by often. During the summer, they practically live here, and during the winter, we see them as often as 3 or 4 nights a week, or as few as one or two nights a month. Although they’re our only steady visitors, I have a “revolving door” so to speak. We always have visitors because everyone is always welcome in our home. This past summer, for example, was almost ridiculous. Not only were there the usual people, but I had my own baby sister with us for a week, and my sister-in-law stayed with us for nearly a month. My younger brother visited often, as did two or three additional friends. We like it this way. It was the way we were raised.

It’s not just people though. We have a few pets. No dogs or cats, because we rent and our landlord won’t allow it. Which is awful. haha. I love dogs, and cats, and they have always been a big part of our lives. Ah, but we do what we must, right? Our first pet was a fish. Her name is Sassy, and she’s a one year goldfish that my daughter can spend hours sitting and staring at. The second pet we got was a Northern Diamondback Terrapin that my husband rescued over the summer. He’s about 10 months old, and his name is Lucky. Our last two pets are guinea pigs my daughter got for her third birthday. Their names are Rascal and Leroy, and they’re 11 months old now. Those two are feisty, spoiled rotten balls of fur. Leroy is much more friendly, and Rascal has more of an attitude…while neither one really likes to be held, Leroy loves to be pet and they both love to be hand fed.

So what does this add up to? A mad house. Like I’ve said before though, we like it. It’s not so many people that I feel overwhelmed, but it’s enough that I never feel lonely. Can’t forget the furry friends. They had a bit of noise and diversity to the house. 😉 haha. What’s your house like? Do you live in a quiet one bedroom apartment by yourself or live in a four bedroom farm house with six kids plus a mess of animals? Something in-between? Let me know! 🙂


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  1. Tania Penn
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 10:28:55

    I used to call my old job “The Zoo” I was a dispatcher for a large PD just outside of Los Angeles. But here at home, it depends. We do have 2 dogs, my husband, son and myself. Sometimes it’s more of a circus here!!


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