2013 Writing Goals

I have been writing up a storm in the past week or so. The biggest problem, however, is that my creativity often jumps from one story to the next, which leads to a whole bunch of half-finished stories. In an effort of stopping this, I have decided to work myself into some type of a plan. I realize that a real plan would never work  for me. But I hope that my new plan will work with me in keeping myself on the right track.

Many of you who know me or have read my books, know that I do not only work on novels, but that I also work on a variety of other writings- from poetry and cookbooks to little comedic books meant to make people laugh. I have thought about this in coming up with my new plan. Mostly, I want to focus on writing my novels and novellas now. I have two full length novels out, and one novella so far. Right now, I am in the process of writing a new novella to follow up my first one. So, in an effort to push my novels along more than my other types of writings, I’ve set a daily writing goal that’s higher than my previous one in reference to my novels. In the past, my daily writing goals were only 500 to 1,500 words each day. That’s great, but that still means it would take anywhere between 20 and 60 days to finish a 30,000 word novella. Then, when you add in the editing process, it may take twice that: 40 to 120 days. For a novella? We’re not even talking a full length novel. My novels are around 80,000 words each. To finish one of those, my goals would have me take between 54 and 160 days, and then you add the editing process. No, no, no. This just isn’t good enough for me. It’s not even that I want to continually push my books into the market (although this is a bonus) but that my mind works better with a story over the shorter term, versus the long term. In an effort to boost this, I have given myself the goal of writing at least 2,000 to 3,000 words each and every day. That brings my timing for a novella down to between 10 and 15 days, and my timing for a novel down to between 27 and 40 days. I think this is a much more appropriate time frame. In addition to this new, higher daily writing goal, I have also put it upon myself to finally become a bit more professional. I have listed the help of both my sister and a professional editor to help me edit my work and catch my mistakes. Now, instead of doing all of the editing myself, I will be writing the rough draft, and doing the first edit. Then I will send it to my sister, who will edit it again, and then to the professional editor who will find all of the final mistakes. I’ve also enlisted the help of someone to help me create more original covers. Hopefully, this will help me to boost my sales and my reputation as a writer.

But what about my non-novel related writings? Well, I’ve taken this into consideration also. It’s very hard to put a daily word count to these types of writings, and I don’t want them to be my main focus in the upcoming year. I still want to continue producing them, however, as I really enjoy writing them, and they sell fairly well. So, I have allotted myself fifteen minutes in the morning, and fifteen minutes at night in order to work on these. That’s half an hour a day (save for Sunday, my day off to relax), and with that timing, it should still allow  me to put out a non-novel writing book every two or three months or so I think.

What books do I plan to release in the upcoming year? Well, I’d like  to get at least two more editions out for my novella series, Growing Roots. I’d also like to finish and publish the third book in the Benson Family Chronicles. Plus, I’m working on a stand alone book that I hope to release in the upcoming year. High goals? Maybe, but as my momma said, “Shoot for the moon, because even if you fail, you will land amongst the stars.”

So, to sum it up for everyone who thought that was a lot of boring writing (my sincerest apologies for rambling here):

2013 Writing Goals

*Write between 2,000 and 3,000 words in whatever story I’m working on each day

*Write for half an hour on my non-novel writings each day, six days a week

*Put out two novellas and two new novels this year

*Be more professional with my editing and cover design


What are your 2013 writing goals? Share them with me here!


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