Three Places To ACTUALLY Make Money Online

Hello all of you out there in the e-world! I figured that instead of doing my usual sarcastic bit here, I would share some information with all of you that I have found useful. About two years ago, when I stopped working in order to stay home with my daughter, I started looking for ways to make money online. My husband makes enough money to pay the bills, put gas in the truck, and buy groceries, but I wanted to be able to contribute some money to that.I wanted to have a little extra money so I could take my daughter to the zoo, or out for an ice cream, without worrying if I could afford it or not. Now, listen to me good here and now: these are not get rich quick schemes. There are not easy jobs that will take no effort on your own behalf, and yes, they do take some time out of your day. But, if you want a little extra pocket money, well, give these things a try. I know that the economy is rough right now, so I thought everyone might enjoy this…so,without further ado…

Place #1: Mturk

Mturk is basically a place to do small odd jobs. Things like classifying images, rewriting sentences, and filling out brief surveys. It’s not a survey site though, and it’s ran through Amazon. The money you make on here is not good money by any means. I usually work on Mturk when I have no jobs on the other two sites I’ll list here, or when I’ve completed all of my work on the other sites and my daughter is sleeping,  or spending quality time with her daddy and doesn’t need me. Each job will pay you anywhere between $0.01 and $2.50. I’ve never done a job on there that’s paid me anymore than that. The most I’ve ever made in one week on the site is $50.00, but the most I’ve ever average during a long haul is around $30. But hey, $30 a week average is equal to $120 a month, right? Besides, this is only a ‘when I can’ sort of site.  I will say that right now I am only making about $10 every week on Mturk. But I’m also working on the two other sites I’ll be listing, writing and editing my books, doing this blog (plus facebook and twitter), taking care of my daughter & husband, cleaning my house, cooking, and still trying to maintain some sort of a meager social life.

Place #2: Odesk

Odesk is the place where I have had the most success. I work on the site as a Freelance Writer, but you can also do sales, technical support, marketing, programming, etc. Basically, you apply to jobs like you would in the real world, and hope that you get them. Some jobs are one shot deals that take as little as one hour or as much as one month. Other jobs are long term, part time or full time, and last over six months. You can be paid a fixed price or hourly price for the work that you do. This is the ideal site for a stay at home mom turned work at home mom. The most I have ever averaged is around $200 a week. Yes, really. But this was working full time. Usually, my busy schedule allows me to average between $50-$100 each week on this site alone. That might not sound like  much, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. Let’s assume that I do two things a week with my daughter, and each costs $20. Remember, this was one of the main reasons I began working online- to have money so that I could do fun outings with her. Assume each outing costs $20 (which, mine usually don’t, but rather, cost less). If each outing is $20,  that still leaves me $10-$60 extra each week! That’s enough to throw a few bucks into savings and then some.

Place #3: Elance

Elance is exactly like Odesk, so I don’t really feel the need to delve further here. I’m not sure about how much potential the site has, as I have only recently begun working on this site myself. The fact is this, however: it leaves you more opportunities to continue working. If you are having a rough week finding work on Odesk, the you can head on over to Elance and have a better chance of finding some good work.

So the deal is this: there are ways to make money online without trying to follow up on some new scam. It does take work, time, effort…but it’s worth it in the end. If you only worked on Mturk & Odesk (not counting Elance because I have no real idea of the money you can make), and only the amount of time that I put into it every week (anywhere between 10 and 40 hours, usually around 20-25), you can still make decent money. Look at this: right now I am averaging $60-$110 a week working the barest of hours. At my highest point, I was average around $230 a week, and not even working a full40 hours. If you really applied yourself,and worked a full 40 hours a week, I could easily see you bringing in $300-$350 a week, which is equivalent to a minimum wage job. The main thing to remember is that the more you work, the better money you will make because the better  your portfolio will look and the better your online reputation will be. With that being said…

Good luck on your work at home ventures!


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