To Be Or Not To Be…Family That Is

to-be-or-not-to-beMany people claim you can’t pick your family- you are simply stuck with the ones you’ve got and that’s it. I have to agree with only half of that statement, however, because although you are stuck with certain people, you can also just as certainly choose the people you want as family. Are you following along here? No? Okay, let me stop for a moment and explain myself.

Everyone is born into a specific family. These are the people that you are stuck with, (almost) no matter what. They might embarrass you, be mean to you, annoy the heck out of ya….but they are still kin, and you still share their blood. Shoot, you might not even see these people for years on end! But, in the end, they are still your kin…your family…your blood. But you shouldn’t fear of fret too awful much, because there are, indeed, ways to choose family you actually like.

Some people go drastic- whether by their choice or someone else’s- with things like adoption. There’s nothing wrong with adoption just because it’s drastic, but there are easier ways yet…. it’s simple. Decide on a close friend that might as well already be family…. and tell them that they’re your family now. It’s simple. That’s it. Chances are that if you want to say someone is related to you, you already might as well be kin as it is. I’ve found myself two brothers through this method- and got practically their whole family like it was my own in return. No, i’m not joking or pulling your leg. I’m going to leave out names here, but these people are more like family to me and my husband than a lot of our flesh and blood family. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. We all have these friends, after all…it’s not just me.  Who comes to my daughter’s birthday parties? They do. Who stops by to shoot the breeze for no reason at all? They do.  Who calls or texts to see how the family is feeling when someone’s been sick? Yupp, you sure guessed it- they do. They also celebrate the holidays with us, drink with us, get into trouble with us, help us fix our vehicles, come over for supper, help us in a bind… and we do all of the same stuff for them. It’s a two way street, you know?

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I have some blood kin that I love to death, and who I know would be there if I needed them in a heartbeat. Take for example, my two best friends: my little sister, Brandi, and my husband’s little sister, Cory. I’ve got cousins that are this one, and Aunts and Uncles and what have you, but the fact is that they live fairly far away. Brandi’s rooted in West Virginia, and Cory’s right in Florida where she’s always been.

Obviously, a person you decide is now family has to actually wanna be related to you as well. I’m not sure why our adopted family wants to be kin to me or Bobby, but hey, I guess we’re not all that bad. So next time you’re sitting there, wishing you had a brother or a sister to do something with, or heck, just had one that you actually liked, take look at the people you associate yourself with. Ask yourself, “To be or not to be… family that is.”


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