Sleep Is My Crack

So here I sit at 1:52 in the morning when I should be sleeping. I’m thinking to myself “If I could just score a good five or six hours of sleep, I’d be set man.” Isn’t it strange to think drug addicts think the same way about their drug of choice? In many, many ways, sleep is a drug. Any good mother could tell you that it is so. When you see a woman with blood shot eyes, nursing a cup of coffee she holds in one hand, with a sick, crying baby nestled in the other arm, and a grown man sick as a dog on the couch in the background, you know that this woman is suffering from sleep withdrawal. That is very much so the way my life has been here of late. It’s gotten so bad that I can hardly function on a normal basis- so forgive any odd rambles or rants that may possibly creep up somewhere in my blog.

You know the saddest part though? Despite having an already limited sleep schedule these past two weeks or so, I have actually limited myself even further on my sleep! For not only am I mother, I am also a writer! Now I am here, at what is now 1:56 am, sipping on a soda because I don’t dare drink coffee right now, blogging away while I wait for the next time I am needed, which will be any moment now. My eyes are red, my face is pale, and my entire body is achy. How did I get to this point exactly? Let’s dive into the tedious life of a writing mother for a moment…

Week One of no sleep began with my poor baby girl coming down with a God awful flu. My poor baby was so sick and so stuffed up, and running such a high fever, I was almost afraid to sleep at all. During the first three nights, which were the ‘fever nights’ I slept perhaps two hours each night. Boo would wake up at least once every hour or two, and I had to keep her on some meds every four hours or so for her cough because otherwise she couldn’t hardly breathe. Then the fever broke at the very end of night three, and night four, I managed to snag perhaps three or four hours. She was still waking up a good bit, but it was much less now. Night five was about the same, and then on night six, I might have managed as much as five hours. Boo seemed to be doing much better, but then her sinuses began draining. I spent all night monitoring a vaporizer and propping her back up, bulbing her nose as she slept, and freaking out every time she snorted, coughed, or sneezed. We were then back down to two or three hours a night for nights seven and eight.

On night nine, my poor Boo ran a fever again and her daddy woke up sick in the morning. He was very sick, not just ‘man-sick.’ He was vomiting, having intestinal difficulties, and running a fever. I ended up taking them both to the hospital, where I sat in an uncomfortable chair until about 2 am, to find out Bobby had the stomach bug and Boo had…a virus, which I already knew. I came home, got everyone settled with home remedies and medicine, and managed to snag a good hour or two of sleep before waking up again. Night ten was another night of taking care of both of them, and I only got perhaps three hours, maybe four if you count cat naps here and there. Bobby was only sick for those two days, thank goodness, so on day eleven, he allowed me a two and a half hour nap which helped a good bit. He didn’t feel awesome, but good enough to let me get a small fix. (LOL). On night eleven, I managed a good five hours or thereabouts, and on night twelve, about the same. Perhaps I should also state here that on nights seven through twelve, I was also quite sick myself,which seems to amount to even less sleep, because on night thirteen, MY sinuses started draining, and with all the times I woke up for myself coughing and Boo coughing, and I maybe got two hours. Night fourteen was the same, but on night fifteen, I felt MUCH better. I had to stay up on night fifteen, however, to wrap presents, and only managed four hours. Here we are on night sixteen…and Boo is feeling much better so she had all this energy and didn’t fall asleep until 1 am. Now that could have gotten me a solid 7 or 8 hours, but right as I begin to doze off, I hear the sounds of coughing and someone calling for me… that would be my step dad, who is now sick as a dog. My step dad is (#1) a man , (#2) disabled, (#3) has a lot of health problems on top of his disability, (#4) over 50…so he has to be taken care of also. That is why I am up this late, writing this blog, and listening to my step daddy’s grunts, coughs, and moans.

The truth is, I half enjoy the fact that I am so needed. It is also true that having a maximum of 52 hours of sleep in the last 16 days. Does that sound like a lot to you? Well, you should know that the average adult needs at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night. 16 days of that would amount to roughly 96 to 112 hours total…. yes, I am rather deprived. It’s just been this never ending series of events which piles one on top of the other, and when I do have spare time, I end up writing…or cleaning…or doing something that needs to be caught up on because my attention has been diverted towards a sick baby or man. -sigh- Here’s to hoping I get my fix here soon. Maybe Boo will sleep in until 10ish tomorrow? Oh, that’d would just be dandy! Or maybe tomorrow night I will go to sleep at 10 or 11? Even dandier! Then again, I am probably rather delusional…


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  1. screwdupgirl
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 19:15:26

    being a mom is exhausting enuff! right! not sleepin complicates…..


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