The average adult American has been to 20 states. This might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t when you consider that’s less than half of all the states. Myself, I love to travel. I haven’t been to 20 states yet I’m sure, but within the next few years, well, maybe I might have visited as many. As a young child, I dreamed of visiting all fifty states (and still do for the most part), but I didn’t even leave the state of Florida until I was thirteen years old. That was when I took my very first vacation outside of my home state. I went all up the east coast, along with my daddy, step momma, my baby sister, Brandi, and my niece, Paige. It was a fun trip, and I couldn’t explain in words how excited I was to finally be traveling. Since that first trip, I’ve taken two more with my daddy and step momma. I also ended up moving up to New Jersey at the age of 15, nearly 16, and then moving back to Florida at the age of 17…just to move back to New Jersey at 19. In the three years since I’ve been living in New Jersey, I’ve also traveled to North Carolina and Florida both by train multiple times.

So what states have I personally visited? Well, let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. I’ve been to: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Deleware, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York (only the very bottom of the state, however), Pennsylvania, and Ohio. That’s… thirteen of 50 states, and leaves me a lot to go. If things work out, of course, I’ll be able to tack Kentucky & Alabama on after April of this upcoming year. If things go really well, my husband and I have a camping trip planned up into New England for August or September of next year. That would tack on Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. So, with the spring trip, I could bump my 13 states up to 15. With the fall trip, I could bump that 15 on up to 21. It would be at that point that I had visited about as many as the average American will.

But do Americans really end up visiting 20 states? I’m not so sure. I think that a small percentage of Americans actually do a lot of traveling, but I want to hear from you. How many states have you visited and do you have any trips coming up that might tack on a few more states? Let me know!


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  1. Lissa
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 19:16:01

    I’ve been to 20 and my husband has been to 11!


    • Dixie's Ranter
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 01:51:38

      Wow! You go! My husband’s only been to…9. He hates traveling though! But even he’s looking forward to our trip back south this upcoming April! haha!


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