I feel like I could open my own pharmacy!

You know, it’s funny  that right now there are so many medications being given out or taken here at my house. I’m not a big fan of medications. In fact, I try to avoid them whenever humanly possible. I much prefer natural remedies. Unfortunately, even natural remedies sometimes use some type of medication. Take for example, the eucalyptus and menthol oil I use for my daughter’s vaporizer. It’s all natural, but it’s still technically a medication. So in addition to my recently revealed medical problems and the medications I must take for that, we are also all sick (and with three different variations of the same illness!) and I truly feel as though I could open up my own pharmacy with all of these medications- natural or not.

Let’s see…as for myself, I’m on three different long-term prescription medications now. I take Omeprazole for my acid reflux and gastritis, Dicyclomine for my IBS, and a 325 mg Iron Pill ever day for my iron-deficient anemia. The good news is that I’ll only be taking the Iron for up to a year, and that I may be able to quit taking one or both of the other drugs once my iron levels go up- we’re just playing it by ear.  Plus, I take a children’s multivitamin every day. I take the children’s because, honestly, it doesn’t have extra iron in it and I’m afraid of taking additional iron on top of the iron supplements I’m already taking. I’m not taking any cold meds or decongestants, but I am taking the occasional dose of Pepto Bismal for an upset stomach. Plus, I’m sleeping in my daughter’s room so that I can share her vaporizer…complete with the eucalyptus and menthol oil that goes in it.

On to my daughter… during the day,  she takes nothing. But at night, since it’s imperative that she gets some good sleep in order to kick her cold in the butt, she takes half a dose of an allergy med (to help clear up her sinuses so she can breath) and a full dose of an all-natural cough syrup called Similasan (obviously, to stop her cough). I have to stop her for a second and say that Similasan is a brand I would recommend to ALL parents with children of ALL ages over 2. They use all natural ingredients, like belladonna, and they have a variety of medicines. In my home currently, I have their cough suppressant and their cough expectorant. No, I’m not advertising it, but trust me- their medicines are tasty enough that kids won’t throw tantrums (although to me, it’s sickly sweet), they work very well, and they’re all natural, so there isn’t any of that crap that turns out to hurt  your kids. You can read more about it Here if you want to.  Oh, and my daughter is also taking a multivitamin- the same I take, in fact.

Then there’s my husband. He doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, he turns into a giant toddler. So, he’s been taking Pepto Bismal and Alka Seltzer Plus…

A pharmacy? Maybe not, but it sure does seem so! haha! Has anyone else ever felt like this? Let me know! Tell me all about it!


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